10/11/60 by Alexis

It’s 11:50 p.m. Everyone else has been in bed for several hours now. I should be, but I don’t feel right. I feel anxious, scared. In 10 minutes, I discover how much time I have left. To grow up, to experience love, to live out my purpose. Every remaining second that I will have will be spent doing everything I need to do, until it kills me. The Sy Leaders stamp everyone from birth with a tattoo that marks their date of expiration. The ink disappears upon contact, and only when someone turns seventeen does it manifest. Mom’s date is 55 years from now. The Sy blessed her parents by giving her the longest date in our history. I can only hope that the same has happened for me. I think of Willem, and my mother, and I hope fiercely that I have enough time with them. That scares me. To think that one day, I won’t see them again. I lie down on my pillow, trying to calm my anxious thoughts.
11:59 p.m. My eyes shoot open. I nearly missed it. Mom says that I was born at exactly midnight. My heart quickens, beating harder against my chest than it ever did for any boy at the academy. The lamp that I am holding my wrist under gives off too much heat; sweat beads slide along my forehead onto my long eyelashes. Flicking them away with a blink, I stare. Fear interlocks its chilling fingers around my throat, choking any confidence and calm from my head. Only when I see the tattoo will its suffocating grip relax.
12:00 a.m. I inhale shakily and stare at my wrist. The ink stamped onto my body seventeen years earlier begins to reveal itself. I frantically try to remember today’s date. Day 10, Month 11, Year 60.
An invisible needle etches the number 9 on my wrist. I wince as I see 11 appear shortly after. All feeling in my body escapes through the open window. Just the year…I cry out as I see the digit on my arm.
I was supposed to die yesterday. 10/11/60.

Editorial Board Applications Due Soon!

Our officers in CWC make up the Editorial Board. We have five positions available.

Editor Responsibilities:
Active member of Creative Writing Club during 2013-2014 school year.
• Active and on pace in at least one FLVS course during the 2014-15 school year.
• Make plans to attend every Thursday night meeting at 7pm.
• Make plans to attend editor meetings.
• Send 2 writing prompts for the blog to Mrs. Emery by the first of each month.
• Write one blog post per month.
• Edit student pieces as needed.
• Help plan and make decisions about the club.
• Maintain communication with Mrs. Emery and club members at all times by responding to emails in a timely manner.
• After two months of not maintaining responsibilities, you will be asked to leave the board.

Applications are due September 30. You should have received one in an email, however contact Mrs. Emery if you still need one and want to apply.

Anti-Social Writing Skills

Writing Prompt!

Prompt: Your main character’s friend does something unexpected.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!

Writing Prompt!

Prompt: Start your piece off with the following sentence: “You’re not wearing that”.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!

Writing Prompt!

Prompt: Write about something or someone you miss.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!

Writing Prompt!

Prompt: Your character is talking to him/herself. What do they say? Why are they talking to them self?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!

Meeting Next Week

Hey everyone!

See you next Thursday, September 18 for our first meeting! Can’t wait to see everyone!

Meeting Canceled

Hey Scribblers!

Unfortunately I have to cancel our meeting for this week. Hopefully we can get started on the 18th. Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Welcome Back!

Welcome back Scribblers to the 2014-2015 school year!

Our first meeting with be September 4th! Please follow the instructions below:
1. If you would like to be in the club this year, please submit a club application. http://tinyurl.com/clubappflvs
Everyone needs to fill out an application. After this email, I will only send out information to students who I get confirmation have applied.
2. You will also notice that there is no form to have your parents fill out at this point. Please read the important disclosures in the application before you submit so you know how to find the opt-out form as necessary. Always discuss your school involvement with a parent.
3. The blog will start up September 1.
4. First meeting – Thursday, September 4th at 7pm.

I can’t wait to write with you this year!
See you soon!


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