Summer Break!

The blog is on hiatus for the summer. We’ll be back in August. Enjoy your summer!

Looking Back at CWC by Cheyenne

     Florida is famous for its perpetually warm days, and infamous for its sweltering summers. With summer comes beach trips, theme park visits, and vacation for public school kids, which also means a break for clubs. Though I will have to wait uncomfortably for August to come around, I will contentedly reminisce on all the lovely things I have learned about this year in writing. 

     Upon joining back in 2013, I feel that I have grown in my talent in my short amount of time here. I have learned about NaNo and NaPoWriMo, which I would not have discovered so easily without being in this club. The short story workshops in March are my favorite activity. As a writer, I can never imagine throwing away something I have written. I take out my works from time to time and read them, pieces ranging from the quick word sprints we do in meetings to short stories I have written for club activities. Each piece is different in the format and the maturity. 

     Because I joined during the summer of 2013 (just catching the final meeting), I had no way of being able to participate for the next few months. That was when I discovered the editing section and the little note offering students the chance to be editors (this was before the Editorial Board came along). I took the opportunity as soon as I saw it and edited my first piece that summer. I was elated to be doing this since I have never been given the chance to do something like this before. Overtime, I have discovered that most writers either hate or tolerate editing, but I have always been the type that loves it. It gives me pleasure proofreading another’s work because I have the opportunity to be someone else’s critic other than my own. In doing so, I have found that I am a very meticulous editor. No fixable part goes unfixed under my eyes. Of course, this has followed me around in my own editing processes, which I’m actually pretty proud about. I sometimes refer back to my own editing notes to see how I viewed another’s fixable section when editing my own pieces. 

     Though I will miss doing my favorite activities every other Thursday, I shall be patient and wait until August. Time tends to move faster than we realize, so I’m not wishing my life away. But I will probably binge-watch this year’s recordings (yes, I do save those and when I am in my twenties or thirties, I will still be watching them) if YouTube does not satisfy an entertainment or writing crave. Have a lovely summer, CWC! 

Writing Prompt!

From Hannah: Start your piece off with the line, “When we’re dealing with the fate of the universe, try listening next time.”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.

Lovely Leos by Rosalind

If you like Leopard Geckos, here’s the page you can find it all! From breeding to feeding, and everything in between; plus some pretty cool articles and pictures too!


Writing Prompt!

From Tea: “Get back inside young lady!” your mother shouts from the porch.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.

Writing Prompt!

From Rosalind: It’s your characters cat’s birthday. Throw that kitty a party!

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.

Writing Prompt!

From Hannah: Write about your hero’s biggest weakness.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.

Your Hero’s Kryptonite by Hannah

Weakness is what makes us human. Without weakness, our lives would be boring. We wouldn’t struggle at our Presidential Fitness Tests, or fail to make straight A’s in class. Without a little imperfection, we wouldn’t be unique. For without our weakness, we would not have our strengths, either.

          It’s important to make your character flawed in some way, unless you’re really aiming for a Mr./Mrs. Perfect that the other characters can laugh at/look up to, or whatever you have in mind. But to be honest, if your character doesn’t have a problem with skydiving off a plane before diving into the Marianna Trench, or jumping through a wall of fire to tackle a Mafia leader from launching a nuclear missile, then your character might be OP, or overpowered. Now, these two situations are a bit dramatic, but that’s the point, right? If your character didn’t have a weakness, then what would your character’s limits be? There wouldn’t be any. Any conflict in the story would seem meaningless, because the reader knows that your character could knock his opponent off his feet no problem at any given time. This is why we create flaws in the characters. It could be as little as a bit of caution towards crossing the road, to panophobia (fear of everything), to being vertically challenged. It’s also nice to have more than one weakness. This helps to create a more in-depth or life-like character.

          This doesn’t just work in action novels; it works in romance too. Giving your character a weakness allows the person of interest to either share that weakness, thus finding a point of common ground, or possess a strength that will balance out his/her partner’s weakness.

          Bottom line, make sure that your characters aren’t invincible. Give them flaws, and weaknesses, and make them a little more human. This not only helps intensify conflict, but also gives the character time to overcome the power of their Kryptonite, and become a hero.

Member Recognition

Congrats to the club members we recognized at our last meeting

Scribbler of the Year: Alexis Davis

Devoted Scribbler: Sarah Lethbridge

Editorial Board Member of the Year: Rosalind Rohrbaugh


Goodbye and good luck to our graduating seniors and departing members. We’ll miss you!

Alexis Davis

Tea Kothe

Sarah Lethbridge

Hannah O’Neal


A big thank you to our Editorial Board Members for this year. They did an awesome job contributing their time working for the club.

Tamar Lilienthal

Tea Kothe

Cheyenne Cintronn

Hannah O’Neal

Rosalind Rorhbaugh

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Hey members! Please take the survey below to give us feedback about this past year. It will help us to continue to improve!


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