A Late Flower by Gabriel

There lied a bud afront the flow’ring scene
She met the lilies’ gaze with jealousy
Whose flesh like pearls – a holy iv’ry white –,
Had bloomed beneath the sacred Easter light,
Whose sisters blushed, afloat the peaceful pond,
Bejeweled with dew of spring and summer dawns

Amidst the ferns and fronds passed by the bees,
So too the sun and rain ignored her pleas
For months the blooming life was her dismay
Her fervor dried beneath the Julian rays
And August rains renewed, all ‘cept her hope
Her spirit wilted, her leaves did ever mope

But as the autumn grayed the life around
And vernal blooms had lost their colored crowns
Her violet soul had peeked, and then she knew:
The falltime breeze would be her blooming cue

Fictional Character Text by Heather

No Such Thing As Dragons by Philip Reeve


Add Surprise and Suspense to Your Writing

Blog Submission by Kate

“CIRI! Get down from there!” Geralt sighed, he knew Ciri could be a handful but this, this was a bit much. Vesemir had been spending the afternoon tutoring her on the importance of runes and potions, but as soon as he had turned his back to grab a rune, she had bolted for the door, headed straight for Kaer Morhen’s courtyard.
She was a tiny girl, but don’t let her size fool you, she was a quick as a fox and had managed to climb one of the bigger trees in the courtyard before he had the time to reach her.
She was sitting on a branch, her legs swinging lazily as she looked down at him and smiled. He wanted to smile back but he couldn’t. No, that would be giving in, and he can’t let her win. She needs to learn that she can’t just do anything she wants without consequences if she is to become a Witcher someday.
“If you want to catch me you’ll have to come up here!” The afternoon’s Sun was quickly fading into the evening’s shades of purples and reds.
She didn’t show any signs of budging from her current location. suddenly, he had an idea, he could use this to his advantage.
“Well then, I guess I’ll just have to wait for you to come down then, won’t I? We can do this all day.” He then promptly sat at the base of the tree. Attempting to turn her unruliness into a lesson on patience.
He blinked and the hours seemed to fly by. The courtyard was bathed in moonlight and stars littered the sky, as bright as ever. He looked up into the tree’s branches and to his surprise, Ciri had fallen asleep. He could practically hear Yennefer scolding him and chuckled.
“She may be training to become a Witcher, but for now she is just a child, and don’t you dare bring up the excuse that ‘It’s how you were trained’. She is a child Geralt, and your daughter at that.”
He climbed up to retrieve her and carefully descended once he had her securely in his arms. Tomorrow she would owe him 20 rounds on the obstacle track for missing a day’s worth of training.
He opened the door to her room and gently placed her on her bed, as he pulled the covers over her he smiled, she would make a fine Witcher someday, despite her excessive amount of energy. And as he turned to make his way towards his room he could’ve sworn he had smelled the scent of lilac and gooseberries.

Writing Prompt!

From Grace: Begin your piece with, “In the darkness I found comfort.”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.

“What Writing Means to Me” by Olivia

I believe that the written word is one of the most exceptional examples of human influence. Journalists spread pertinent information to readers and circulate facts that shape perspectives and opinions. Authors create places and people with the stroke of a pen. Writers are storytellers and the stories that they write, fictional or not, have the power to change the world. The potential in a pen or a keyboard is a white flag, surrendering the differences that separate us in favor of experiences that connect us.

As a child, I remember reading the “Harry Potter” series for the first time and being transfixed with the Wizarding World that seemed incredibly real. I found myself in the characters – in Hermione’s passion for academics, in Harry’s desire to help others. Traces of the third-grade bookworm were folded in the pages like a forgotten bookmark. Even today, I find myself in the characters of the books that I love. Sometimes, I am Elizabeth, standing up for what I believe in. Others, I am Scout, learning about the world around me from the people that are important to me. It is these characters who have shaped my development as a human being and that is, as an aspiring author, something that I hope to do someday.

I spent this past summer writing and editing my first novel, tentatively entitled Initials. Inspired by the worlds of Tuck Everlasting and Peter Pan, Initials is something that I have written to appease the third-grade bookworm who first fell in love with literature after first reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. As a child, I was fascinated with the idea of eternal life and have decided to play with that concept in my novel, which follows the intersection of three lives as the protagonists realize that they are trapped in time. Although I have been writing ever since I can remember, this novel is especially important to me because of its history. I first starting drafting the novel in 2013, and having that creative outlet throughout high school has been extremely integral to my development as a writer.

Writing Prompt!

From Cheyenne: Begin your prompt with the line, “Can’t you see how much this means to me?”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.

Only Truth by Gabriel

Our disappointment’s rooted in the way
We see and want to see the world — of which
It is the diff’rence where we find dismay:
That life does not conform to any wish

We paint our expectations in excess —
Dressed in ruby reds and ocean blues
And shades our memories don’t e’en possess;
Our dreams are vain – gratuitously hued

However disillusioned we may be —
For when our expectations don’t reflect
Or aren’t congruent with reality —
Our will must persevere and not defect

For it is only truth that sets the stage
For freedom, progress, peace — but firstly change

Meeting This Week!

Harks and alarms! Greetings and Salutations, Scribblers!

Our next meeting is Thursday, October 20, 7-8pm EST.

The results are in from the poll, and SUSPENSE was the winner. During this meeting we’ll be discussing suspense as a genre and how to write suspense. You’ll get the chance to write your own suspense scene or short story this month.

At the end of our meeting, we’ll be looking at the short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson as part of our discussion of suspense. You can read it here:


If you’re not able to join us this week, I will send out information about the assignment.

Please sign in with your first and last name for attendance.

Open Mic
Want to read some of your writing at this week’s meeting or have someone else read it?
Open Mic Requirements:
-You must email your piece by Wednesday, October 19.
-You can submit fiction, poetry, or non-fiction.
-Your piece or excerpt should be 500 words or less.
-Pieces must be school appropriate. Pieces should not be explicitly political, religious, or intimate.
-Pieces will be read on a first come basis as time allows.

Literature Chat
Do you want to share a book you’ve read or an author you love with the club? Maybe you read about a writing technique or idea that you’d like to share.
Literature Chat Requirements:
-You must be present to discuss your slide and have a mic to be able to speak to the group.
-You must create a powerpoint slide about what you’d like to share.
-You must email your piece by Wednesday, October 19.
-Your powerpoint should be limited to one slide.
-Topics must be school appropriate. Pieces should not be explicitly political, religious, or intimate.
-Topics will be read on a first come, first served basis as time allows.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and I hope to see you soon!

Writing Prompt!

From Natalie: Your character is describing their life 20 years ago, what do they envision?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.