Writing Prompt!

From Tea: “Get back inside young lady!” your mother shouts from the porch.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.

Writing Prompt!

From Rosalind: It’s your characters cat’s birthday. Throw that kitty a party!

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.

Writing Prompt!

From Hannah: Write about your hero’s biggest weakness.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.

Your Hero’s Kryptonite by Hannah

Weakness is what makes us human. Without weakness, our lives would be boring. We wouldn’t struggle at our Presidential Fitness Tests, or fail to make straight A’s in class. Without a little imperfection, we wouldn’t be unique. For without our weakness, we would not have our strengths, either.

          It’s important to make your character flawed in some way, unless you’re really aiming for a Mr./Mrs. Perfect that the other characters can laugh at/look up to, or whatever you have in mind. But to be honest, if your character doesn’t have a problem with skydiving off a plane before diving into the Marianna Trench, or jumping through a wall of fire to tackle a Mafia leader from launching a nuclear missile, then your character might be OP, or overpowered. Now, these two situations are a bit dramatic, but that’s the point, right? If your character didn’t have a weakness, then what would your character’s limits be? There wouldn’t be any. Any conflict in the story would seem meaningless, because the reader knows that your character could knock his opponent off his feet no problem at any given time. This is why we create flaws in the characters. It could be as little as a bit of caution towards crossing the road, to panophobia (fear of everything), to being vertically challenged. It’s also nice to have more than one weakness. This helps to create a more in-depth or life-like character.

          This doesn’t just work in action novels; it works in romance too. Giving your character a weakness allows the person of interest to either share that weakness, thus finding a point of common ground, or possess a strength that will balance out his/her partner’s weakness.

          Bottom line, make sure that your characters aren’t invincible. Give them flaws, and weaknesses, and make them a little more human. This not only helps intensify conflict, but also gives the character time to overcome the power of their Kryptonite, and become a hero.

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Writing Prompt!

From Cheyenne: Your favorite show just got cancelled and you’ve found out about it right before the season finale. What happens next?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.

Summer Plans by Rosalind

I use to think that when you’re a full time homeschooled student (as I am), your appreciation for what was known as ‘summer break’ in public school (if you were ever in public school) becomes less great. I mean, come on, we as computer students are out of a classroom every day, and we are kind of moving at our own convenience. So why would a couple months at home doing nothing other than exactly what we want to do be that overwhelming? Well, this year, I’ve finally figured it out. I am not that student who can embrace the fact that homeschooling is pretty much at home, if it’s school, normally about 50% of the time I’m not interested in doing it. Now I’m not one to doubt the importance of education. My mother, as a professor, has always had an iron fist when it came to education, especially her child’s education, and so I’ve been told nothing but good things about studies. Of course though, just because something is important, this doesn’t mean you have to be in love with it. I think as high schoolers, all students can relate to that moment of weakness, that moment of frustration, that moment of sheer ‘dear god get me out of here before my head explodes.’ I’ve had those instances, more than once, and as I’ve progressed in my years of high school, I’ve come to realize that these emotions come on much stronger and much more frequently than they ever did in grade school, or even in middle school.

I’ve come to learn though that this struggle truly is a type of ‘right of passage’. 12 years of our young lives leads in a forever existence of what we will forever be; school determines the future more than anything else, at least that’s what I’ve always been told. I mean, where do you think people like Stephen King and Poe started out? Exactly, they started with a foundation. So although that foundation can be quite rough to walk across, once you get there to the other end, bleeding and aching feet and all, the rest is easy. I must say though, I find myself appreciating the hell out of a couple months off, because as a student I simply earn it for myself. We all earn it, and if anyone ever tells you that you don’t they’re wrong. Our jobs as learners are just as important as an adult’s job as whatever. It provides for us, not in a physical currency, but in a kind of pay that really is priceless.

I myself haven’t had a summer vacation of 2 years, for multiple reasons I suppose. A class that demanded to be finished, a focus that just wasn’t very strong, or a routine I just didn’t feel like breaking, all these things have contributed to my non-stop pace as a student for almost 800 days, but this year I must say I’ve been good, and there is nothing like working yourself raw, and then realizing that it’s all been for something, a something that could be considered as a nothing, but I know I’ll stay busy through these months of recess. I’ve got new stories to write, some leopard gecko breeding to do, and a beach stay-cation that is just calling my name.

Writing Prompt!

From Tamar: An Elephant in the Middle of Manhattan…

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.

Military Appreciation Month by Erica

The Month of May is Military Appreciation.

So I got emotional you could say.

I’m just sitting here thinking. Because I had a project on The Soldiers in the Armed Forces.

When I actually think about it, It make’s me cry.

My brother Tony is in the Marines and he fights for me, he puts his life on the line for me and OUR family. My brother Christian is in the Coast Guard he deployed 5/3/15 on his daughter’s birthday, that’s love you may not think it but he is fighting for you and me. He is putting his life on the line to fight for us and our freedom.

This just shows me Love, and shows me how much they care. They Give back by Defending our freedom.

It honestly brings tears to my face but joy to my heart.

It Shows me they Actually care. That they would do anything for me. They put their life on the Front line and Fight for us. For ME, For YOU, For people they don’t Know that’s a true solider.

Now put this in mind, why do you hate life? ,Why is your life so bad?, Are you fighting everyday for Our Country? , Are you putting your life on the line to defend people you don’t even know? , Are you away from your family for years at a time fighting for them not knowing if you’ll EVER see them again?.

No I Highly Doubt it..

So Stop.

You are YOU. Stop being someone your NOT. Be YOU. Be ORIGINAL. Be Amazing. Be Your own kind of PERFECT. Show the world what STRONG looks like. Show the world your SMILE isn’t FAKE. Show them that you are BETTER. Show them you have CHANGED. Show them you are a GOOD person. Don’t Cry over Things. But When you MAKE it through your OBSTACLES tell people TELL them that you made it. Show them how you did it. You may not Be a Physical Solider but at least be a VERBAL Solider. Show people the MEANING in life. Show them to NEVER give up. Show them The LIGHT in the DARKNESS. Show them WHAT to live for. Show them REASONS.GIVE them a REASON.MAKE them SMILE. Don’t HURT,you have to RESTORE.

So who is going to take this challenge with me?

Who is going to stay STRONG with me to SHOW the WORLD that we are pushing through? That we WONT give up? That there is a REASON to keep fighting Day by day.

Solider Appreciation is all month….That is the monthI will Stay Strong I will be happy..Because I know that I’m Safe because of all those strangers that about there Fighting for ME..Me I’m just and Ordinary person..

So I’m taking THIS month to show MY appreciation and to show my RESPECT for the men & Women in the Camo the REAL men & Women in the Camo…Because REAL hero’s don’t wear cape’s they wear Camo and DOGTAGS and carry a gun.

Now I’m not talking to The “Hunters” out there..This is FOR The REAL Soldiers who DEFEND our COUNTRY! Who FIGHT for YOU for ME.

So let’s be VERBAL Soldiers…Let’s Show people how WE care.

I APPRECIATE them….do you?

So write a paragraph…I’m going to send it to my brothers so They can see how Much THEY are Actually appreciated. So who want’s to take a stand with me?


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