Poem by Judy

I write
My life moves too quickly

Too many times have I found myself alone…

with more doubt than I have ever known

I have no more tears to spare…

but that doesn’t mean your mean eyes can travel across the globe and stare

See me…

I’ve been down the roads of glory and hate

My heart races

for it can no longer fit through these tight spaces

If ever im alone you’ll find me writing

my life through chapters, verses, and poetry


Writing is my passion

Music is my life

I write what I feel…

and I write what I see

Sometimes I find it safe to say that,

“Paper is more patient than people.”


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  1. I love the last line of this because it is a very true to life idea. Whereas as you write on paper, the paper will not judge you a person always will.

  2. Yeah I like this poem too! The line that says “Sometimes I find it safe to say “paper is more patient than people.” So true, I absolutely agree with this. Great poem Judy! 🙂

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