Poem by Sudha

One, two, I don’t what to do.
Three, four, it’s never happened before.
Five, six, stop with the tricks.
Seven, eight, this can’t be fate.
Nine, ten, it’ll start again.

One, two, it can’t be true.
Three, four, I can’t ignore.
Five, six, it makes me sick.
Seven, eight, I can’t help but hate.
Nine, ten, I never knew life back then.


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  1. I don’t know if it was an artistic choice or a blissful accident, but I love that the meter isn’t constant. It feels ragged and disjointed, much like the narrator does, and it really accentuates on what’s being said. I love it, well done.

  2. This is the best peom EVER!!! It is amazing, great, and it made me just go WOW!!!!Please write some more poems. These are great, I loved them.

  3. Great Job!

  4. that was awesome on SO many levels. 😉

  5. Great job Sudha, this is an amazing poem! I really enjoyed reading it 🙂

  6. DaughteroftheWolves

    Mind = Blown

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