Cryptic Text Message by Gracie


“Omg Jesy! I wonder what Carson is gonna say! EEEEE!” Carly screeched as she was walking home from school with her friend.
“Omg Carly! Just check your texts already!”
“Okay. Okay.” Carly opened up her messages to find that a random number texted her. “It’s not… Carson.”
“Then who is it?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, what’s it say?”
“It’s says hi but like in all caps and there’s no like exclamation things or whatever.”
“Just like reply and say ‘who’s this?’ ”
Carly replied back to the number. Not much later, the number replied with the same text. “It said the same thing.” Carly replied again saying ‘stop pranking me’. The mysterious number texted back the same message over and over again.
“What the heck is this supposed to mean!” yelled Jesy. “I got the same freaking message! OMG! OMG! OMG!”
“Calm down, Jess. It’s probably just a prank.”
Just then, a man walked up to Carly and Jesy. He said, “Uh, a guy told me to give this to you.” He handed the girls an envelope. Inside the envelope there was a short message saying:
Decode the text message.
“Omg! What are we supposed to decode!” screamed Carly. “It says ‘HI’. That’s it.”
“Well,” said Jesy. “Let’s ask him for a hint. Text him and ask him”
“Okay.” Carly typed out ‘can we hav a hint?’
The number texted back ‘its two words’.
“Two words?” said Carly. “Well, I guess the first one starts with h and the second starts with i.
“Think of a bunch of h words.” Jesy added.
“Hit, hair, hip, high, hello, hack, hide…”
“Hurry, hiss, hick, help, hold, hard, hill…”
“Now,” started Carly. “Think of like a bunch of i words. It, ill, inside, ivy…”
“Itch, ick, if… Gosh, how are we like ever gonna figure this out?” asked Jesy.
“I’ll text him again.” She texted the number ‘more help please’.
“It says ‘five and six’,” said Carly.
“Maybe that means the first word has like five letters and the second has like six letters.”
“Okay, an h word that we thought of that has five letters is umm… hurry. Let’s try that.”
“Okay, and an i word that we thought of that has like six letters is inside,” said Jesy.
“Hurry inside,” started Carly. “Omg Jesy, hurry inside! Omg let’s go!”
Carly and Jesy ran into the nearest building.
“Carly, I think I hear-“
The girls heard footstep coming closer to the room that they were in. Then, a man walked in and turned on the light. “Hello?” he said. He looked down and saw the girls.
“Um. H-hi,” Carly stuttered.
“Why so scared? Didn’t you get the message?” said the man.
“Yeah, it said hurry inside.”
The man laughed. “No it said help Isabelle.”
“Who’s Isabelle?” asked Jesy. “Is she is trouble?”
“Yeah, big trouble.”
“How can we help her? Let’s hurry!”
The three ran outside and to a tree. “See, she’s stuck up there. Isabelle, my poor kitty.”
“Why couldn’t you just get her yourself?” asked Carly. “You’re quite tall.”
“I can’t climb though,” said the man.
“What makes you think that we could get her?”
“Well, you were under the tree and you’re, well you’re young and healthy.”
Carly climbed up the tree and brought Isabelle down. “Sir, next time you lose your cat, don’t make us decode a message. Just ask someone straight-forward, please.”
“Okay, thank you.”
“Well, that was weird,” said Jesy as the mysterious man walked away. “I still don’t get the hint ‘five and six.’ “


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  1. Dejah Sibblies

    Kool story! I like the cryptic text message. But you got me wondering, what did the hint five and six mean? lol could u give me a clue? I love mysteries!!!!!!!

    -Dej 🙂

  2. omg. I though something bad was going to happen! Sheesh, that guy needs to be more straightforward! He sounded like a bad guy!! XD

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