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Today’s prompt:
Today’s prompt comes from Kristen McHenry:

“In ancient times, Persian rug makers were deeply religious and believed that only God could make something perfect. They would deliberately drop in a small faulty stitch, a flaw, into each Persian rug. In doing so, a ‘Persian Flaw’ revealed the rug maker’s devotion to God.” — Karel Weijand

Like many of us, I often struggle with the gremlin of perfectionism. The above quote reminds me that achieving perfection is not my prime directive in life, and that in fact, striving for perfection can be a form of hubris.

Write a poem about flaws and perfection in yourself or in nature or write about how you feel about being imperfect or perfect.

Here are some things you may want to reflect on as you write: Do flaws add beauty to the world? What does it feel like to experience perfection? What is it like to encounter flaws — in our selves, in others, in systems or in objects? As imperfect beings, are we able to adequately judge perfection?

If you’d like, you can try contrasting these both concepts in one poem or just choose the one that you feel most drawn to. There is potential for both perfection and flaws in everything on earth, so there’s no limit to to subject you use to frame your poems.

Post your poem to comments!

Read the NaPoWriMo Challenge Kickoff post for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April.

Please read this page to find out how the prompt posts work. Remember that work shared this month is shared in precisely that spirit: sharing, as opposed to critiquing.


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  1. Dejah Sibblies

    What is Perfection?

    What is perfection exactly?
    Is it truly a way?
    Does it have a specific name?
    Is it how we see things?
    And want it to be.

    Perfection to me is like a glass.
    So perfect in all its ways.
    You can see right through.
    No errors, no faults, no damage.

    It’s delicate and cannot be broken.
    Should not be broken.
    Remains tall and unmoved
    Is this perfection?

    How do we define perfection?
    Is it always listening to your mother?
    Or getting straight A’s?
    Is it always giving to the poor?
    And not corrupting your ways?

    Is it being nice all the time?
    When you want to scream and shout.
    Is it being good all the time?
    When you want to get out.
    Can we ourselves be perfect?
    Do we really want to be?
    Is perfection unattainable?
    Or can we achieve it?

    Should I try to be perfect?
    Or just be me?

  2. Perfection.
    Can we achieve it?
    Is it necessary?
    Do we believe it?

    Is it that big of a deal?
    Must we be flawless?
    Is perfection real?

    Can our desk not be straight?
    Can our teeth not be perfect?
    Can we sometimes be late?

    Can we step in the mud?
    Crack a pencil by mistake?
    Trip and fall with a thud?

    Let it go, it’s OK!
    Do something imperfect!
    Have some fun today!

  3. Perfection

    A glimmer
    A sparkle
    A shine
    That some try to catch
    And some try to hide

    Birds chase things that sparkle
    So why do we?
    Are we birds now,
    Cawing mercilessly?

    Perfection is a crown
    A top of a tower of doom
    You can climb to the top
    But it’s a long way down

    – Morgan P.

  4. I forgot the meeting again,
    When will this ever stop,
    I remember in the morning,
    But forget in the end,

    This is really dissaponting.
    if only I remembered,
    it can’t be to hard,
    to go to a club meeting

    NOTES: This was writen at 8:12 one hour AFTER the meeting. How I keep getting sidetracked and missing these I will never know. 😦

  5. Dejah Sibblies

    Hey don’t feel bad that was me too. lol. btw is anyone doing Camp Nanowrimo?:)

  6. Finite minds
    Thinking infinite thoughts
    But what is the size of an infinity?
    It may go on forever,
    But we can really not fathom the size of forever
    Because wouldn’t it take perfection to see infinitely?
    And since we are finite, we must go on without understanding.
    But imperfection is beauty.
    Imperfection makes us mortal.
    Mortality is to be treasured, along with imperfection
    What, then, would be unique?
    We are unique in our minds because of our choices.
    If everything is perfect, how much choice would we have?
    Imperfection is what makes us mortal
    Because volition is what makes us mortal.
    How human would you be if you did not have a choice
    Between A, B, and C?
    Maybe mortality would simply be different
    But I am not perfect
    And I see no reason to think I ever could be.


  7. Katie Bachelder

    The Beauty of Flaws

    A scratch on the glass,
    A watch that no longer ticks,
    A scar on one’s face,
    And a magician’s bad tricks,

    A gray and rainy day,
    Pot-holes and dead grass
    Broken bridges and crumbling bricks,
    Burned forests, shattered glass.

    Terrible to see, these flaws
    Yet without them, what would we be?
    We would not appreciate the beauty
    That surrounds us, now would we?

  8. Gracie Caggiano

    It’s hard to be stuck with something that you can’t change.
    It’s like wanting sun and being stuck with rain.
    It’s like wanting to be smart, but instead you’re insane.
    I want to be healed, but instead receive pain.

    There are so many imperfections I find in myself.
    It’s like wanting clear skin and getting a zit.
    It’s like wanting flat ground and falling into a pit.
    I want to stand up, but instead I have to sit.

    What I am stuck with is not simplicity.
    It’s like I’m living a dream but it’s actually real.
    I’m stuck with something that will never heal.
    I want to walk, but instead I’m on wheels.

  9. Thought Upon Thought

    In my mind, I like to pretend like there’s order
    Like I have a filing case at every single border
    Color-coded and corrected in red
    Are things that should never ever be said

    And all of my ideas flow precisely
    In a way that can be explained concisely
    Calculated and measured out
    Are all the things I wonder about

    There’re labels on every single matter
    Never interrupted with idle chatter
    A place for everything, everything in its place
    And all issues are handled with grace

    When really in my mind, there’s only disorder
    And sometimes all my cases say “out of order”
    With things I shouldn’t say always at the forefront
    Often sounding rude and frankly, blunt

    My ideas run rampant, never settling down
    When trying to speak them, I only stumble around
    When one thought enters my mind
    There are always a dozen more not far behind

    There are papers everywhere, ‘bout which I’ve no clue
    I unsuccessfully try to stick them all together with glue
    In one drawer I find what shouldn’t ever be there
    Bringing up matters of which no one cares

    And sometimes I worry everyone can easily tell
    That inside my mind I’m really not doing too well
    I try to hold everything together
    But things tend to fall apart a little after forever

    And then I have a simple breakdown
    That’s not so simple when there are faces abound
    I cry and just get so emotional
    I wish my feelings were, but aren’t, all too negotiable

    I’m afraid someone has probably figured out
    That my mind is full of so much doubt
    In myself I have hardly any hope
    And thus far I thought I knew how to cope

    But when insecurities are found inside you
    They tend to come out when you don’t want them to
    People try to help as best they can
    But it’s a feeling deep down that not many understand

    If only I weren’t so majorly flawed
    I wouldn’t have to put up such a major façade
    Forced to pretend that everything’s alright
    When inside my mind there’s always a raging fight

    And thought upon thought tends to get heavy
    I’m not sure my mind can handle the every
    It won’t shut down I promise I’ve tried
    So like each day before, I’ll just have to abide

  10. God made us like Him
    Perfect in every way
    Wonderful every day
    But on a whim,

    Sin entered the world.
    Satan as a snake
    Trouble, is what he’d make
    That perfect world, hurled,

    Into the past
    Now we’re a generation
    Calling each other out in accusation
    Looking at each other aghast

    It saddens God,
    To know His children
    Are acting so odd.
    We should love, for we are His children

    He loves us all
    Imperfect or not
    Even when we fall
    Everyone, the whole lot

    He knows we aren’t perfect
    He knows we can’t be
    Everyone’s imperfect
    But God is the key,

    He’ll help us on our way
    We can live with help from Him
    He’ll help us everyday
    Even when times are tough, and the light is dim.

    (God created the world perfect, and through sin, it turned imperfect. He knows we’re imperfect, but if we call on Him, He’ll help us through it.)

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