Today’s prompt:
Today’s prompt comes from Neil Reid:

Let’s be elemental. Fire, earth, water, wind. They touch our lives every day. Choose one that interests you, then take a point of view that is not so much your usual. Observe what interaction you’ve known, or not known, with this element.

You might make it personal or take the element’s point of view (how might humans appear to you from that stance?) or wander where you may. Tell us something about your element that we don’t know.

You’re welcome to make your own rules, and as always, the most important point is simply to write and share, however it comes your way! Have fun!

Post your poem to comments!

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  1. Katie Bachelder

    I am water:
    I am cool, I am cold
    I can turn into snow
    Throw a pebble,
    Make a splash.
    Break the ice,
    Make a crash!
    I can weather down
    Rocks and walls
    Make them tumble,
    Make them fall.
    I am calm, but I am there
    All the time, in the air
    I am water:
    Perhaps I’m calm, but beware!

  2. tamarlilienthal

    Fire destroys buildings,
    Fire burns a child.
    Fire harms so much,
    In the forests it gets wild.

    Fire overcooks your food,
    Fire makes smoke and steam.
    It’s often hard to get it out,
    You might have to throw it in the stream.

    But next let’s flip the coin,
    Fire can do good.
    It is bright, it is beautiful,
    It brings light where it should.

    Fire lights your stove,
    Fire makes works in the sky.
    Fire can mean emotion.
    To get deep meaning we must try.

    Life is a two way street,
    Fire is good and bad.
    Use fire wisely,
    And you will be glad.

  3. Miriam Robertson

    I’m turning this in kind of late. Hope that’s okay 🙂

    There is just something about it
    I remember how the wind
    through my hair felt differently
    just like in that song
    Everything stayed the same and did not shatter
    Except the wind

    Like me
    The wind is inconsistent
    It changes always
    But it stays the wind

  4. More Than Ashes

    Their words consumed them
    Like a fire out of control
    Neither could stop it once it had started
    It was all they’d ever know

    The people watching
    So close they could see the glow
    Had tried to stop it but it had started
    It was just too good a show

    Their feelings inside were like gasoline
    And it made the flames go higher
    Everyone tried but they couldn’t succeed
    Putting out that raging fire

    When it did dwindle
    They knew it wouldn’t last long
    Those two were at it most all of the time
    Repetitive like a song

    They’d always ignite
    Even the smallest of flames
    The fault always lying on the other
    When both of them were to blame

    Finally when they did give it a rest
    The effect of their words was smoke
    More than just ashes, though, did fill the air
    Rather it was the words they spoke

    And all around – they included
    Contracted black lungs
    They let the fire consume them
    When they were so young

  5. My fire licks their roots,
    Their branches lighting up.
    I laugh as they shrivel up and burn,
    It’s fun to watch my flames engulf
    Trees, even entire forests without slowing.

    I see something, coming quick
    It’s got water!
    Faster! Stronger! Harder!
    I send my flames to farther acres.

    The monster is coming closer,
    It wants to stop me,
    It knows water will stop the spreading.
    It’s going to kill me.

    Faster! I’ve got to move faster!
    I feel the sting of the water
    Everything’s fading…
    I know it’s over for me,
    I let out one last dying attempt

    It’s too late, I’m gone…

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