Today’s prompt:
Today’s prompt is Carolee Sherwood:

Make up a secret code. Begin by writing a few nonsense sentences, like “The raindrops tap out a cry for help” or “The dandelions are saying all at once, ‘You are overwhelmed.’” The formula is easy: come up with a message and assign it to something unlikely. Remember, of course, that inanimate objects can speak and that signs and symbols may be nonverbal.

Once you have a few sentences, select the one that is most intriguing to you and use it to start a poem.

Post your poem to comments!

Read the NaPoWriMo Challenge Kickoff post for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April.

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  1. tamarlilienthal

    The cat summersaults on the kitchen counter.
    It creates a scratch, and the owner is not happy,
    So he puts the cat in time-out.
    It falls into a deep sleep.
    In its dream, it sees a fish cake,
    And indulges into it right away.
    But very much of something can be bad.
    It gets a tummy ache.

    An awful accident leads to eating pie.
    It’s really sad that one of the people die,
    But interest in pie distracts the others.
    The thousands of flavors overwhelm them.
    Shrimp flavored and earwax flavored,
    Are nothing compared to the others!
    The grasshopper and spider pie is the greatest!

    The roads lead to Fairyland,
    And out of this world it is!
    You can find thousands of fairies,
    And keep one as a pet.
    Cats and dogs are too normal!

    Can you guess the code? Just look at the fourth letter of every line! Reply to my comment if you figured it out! 🙂

    • Yes, it does Tamar. 😉 That was awesome, I don’t want to post the answer just in case someone else want’s to figure it out.

  2. The shadows whisper “I see you.”
    The bed creaks, “I know you.”
    The walls say, “I hear you.”
    But the mountains yell, “I love you.”

    The animals speak a language we do not understand.
    The houses use a language we do not understand.
    The babies speak a language we do not understand.
    But the world uses a language we can not understand.

    The planet speaks the dialect of life.
    The galaxy speaks the language of life
    The world speaks the dialect of life.
    The universe speaks the language of life.

    God gave each of a language to speak,
    Do we choose to use it in a loving way?
    God gave everyone a language to speak,
    Do we listen to those who speak in a different way?

    We need to open up our ears and eyes,
    Listen to what other have to say.
    Open up your ears and eyes,
    You never know what people have to say.

    Listen to the voices of the people, what do you hear?

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