Today’s prompt:
Choose your favorite painting, sculpture, or photograph and write a poem. You can write a story about it, or describe it, or write about how it was created. It’s up to you! Don’t forget to tell us what piece of art your poem is about.

Post your poem to comments!

Read the NaPoWriMo Challenge Kickoff post for details on how the challenge works and how you can participate this month, no matter what your personal writing challenge is for the month of April.

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  1. Her figure, so regal and grand,
    Like a royalty in disguise.
    She has the most perfect poise,
    And you’re followed by her eyes.

    Like a very watchful guardian,
    She looks wherever you go.
    That stern face, but with a smirk,
    Makes you wonder what she does know.

    Behind her you may notice
    A calm and beautiful scene.
    Perhaps she is in a garden,
    The atmosphere so serene.

    What’s the beauty of her portrait,
    Is you can see it however you choose.
    It may gladden, it may madden,
    It may sadden, or amuse.

    You can probably guess by now… it’s the Mona Lisa!

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