Writing Prompt!

Start your piece off with the following line: “When can I see you again?”

Write for 10 minutes. Post to comments!


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  1. Dejah Sibblies

    When Can I see You Again?

    When can I see you again? I love you very much!
    When can I see you again? I yearn for your touch.
    When can I see you again? My heart does truly ache.
    When can I see you again? My love you cannot take.

    Why did I cry when you left me?
    Why did you leave at all?
    Was there something wrong with me?
    Or did you not care at all?

    I wrote you several letters.
    I wrote each day and night.
    My heart was palpitating.
    When you were never in my sight.

    “I love you! I love you!” I said each time.
    Why did you not respond?
    Was it only in my imagination?
    Or did you not love me at all.

  2. Gracie Caggiano

    “When can I see you again?” my little brother, Johnny, inquired as he tugged on my hand.
    “I don’t know yet,” I replied.
    “Will you ever come back? Oh, Talia! Promise me you won’t be gone forever!”
    I chuckled for a moment. “Johnny, I’m just going to college. I’ll probably be back in a year. Now promise me you’ll be good for Mommy and Daddy.”
    Johnny crossed his arms and turned his back to me. “You never promised that you wouldn’t be gone forever, so I won’t promise that I’ll be good.”
    I kneeled down to Johnny’s level and turned him to face me again. “Johnny, I promise that I won’t be gone forever.”
    “Okay, I promise to be good,” he said.
    Johnny gave me a long hug. Then, I put my luggage in the trunk of my car. I hopped in the driver’s seat and started to drive off. Suddenly, I saw Johnny running behind me in my rear view mirror. I stopped the car and ran out.
    “Talia!” Johnny yelled. “I wanted to hug you one last time before you’re gone and I wanted to ask you if you’ll call me every night and-”
    “Johnny, of course I’ll call you.”
    Later that night, I was in my dorm room. I was all alone. I picked up my cell phone and called Johnny.
    “Hello?” said the familiar voice.
    “Hey Johnny! It’s Talia!” I said.
    “Talia! Hi! So I had a question.”
    “When can I see you again?” he asked.

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