Writing Prompt!

Start your piece off with the following line:
“Did I miss it?”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to the comments!


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  1. Abigail Stanworth

    When will I miss it?
    The very moment you say goodbye

    Will I ever miss it?
    You’ll will every every second of your life

    Did you ever miss it?
    Every minute of everyday

    Where will I miss it?
    Every room, house, and shop

    How will I miss it?
    With a big pang on your heart

    Why will I miss it?
    You will never feel that way again

    What will I miss?
    Every act and notion

    Did I miss it?
    Extremely, greatly, and fully

  2. “Did I miss it?” Konstantin asked his Finnish companion.
    Janne rose a hand in the air to silence the Russian. He glanced around with eyes as pale a blue as the ice they stood on. However, he did not see or hear anything else that indicated trouble.
    “It was a false alarm,” Janne shrugged, “Let’s go back to the camp.”
    Both turned around to leave, when suddenly Konstantin yelped in alarm and fell down on the frozen lake. Looking to the right, Janne saw that a massive crack in the surface had suddenly formed. ‘Is the ice really this thin?’ He wondered. ‘And don’t tell me that he’s…’
    “Janne, it’s him!” Konstantin shouted.
    Janne turned around rapidly, drawing his pistol. He did not manage to get a shot off, however, when he noticed that indeed it was not a false alarm. It was the reaper himself, charging at the two of them with his scythe aimed above his head.

    (This is all I could get done in ten minutes.)

  3. “Did I miss it?” Jake asks, jogging towards his friends. The wind blows coldly, whispering in there ears.
    Jayden shyly puts a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “No, no,” she says softly. She shuffles away, and Jake turns to Omar, confused.
    Omar laughs. “Yeah. You just missed the whole world ending. You just missed when Jayden needed you most. She didn’t think she could do it alone, you know.” Jake’s eyes widen, and he goes running after Jayden.
    “Jayden! Jayden!” he calls into the arising blizzard. Omar laughs softly, a little sad.
    “Yeah, if only Jake’s super-power was perfect timing.”
    -Hannah O’Neal

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