Writing Prompt

Include the following ten words in a story, essay, or poem:

Set your timer for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. I went totally against by beliefs. I don’t believe in free verse poetry, but I decided I would try it once anyway. Here’s what I came up with:

    Got the message,
    Don’t you fear.
    Now I know.
    Now I can see
    How you feel
    About me.
    About you.
    About us.

    You’re such a cow!
    Think I’m vulnerable?
    Think you can hurt me
    Because you don’t love me?
    Because “I don’t love you”?
    Because you don’t love us?

    You’re inflexible.
    Can’t compromise.
    Can’t work things out.
    But I know you still love me.
    But I know I still love you.
    But I know there’s still an us.

  2. I take your letter out of the box
    And lay it across my desk,
    Prodding it with my bare finger;
    I feel it’s ghastly presence
    Inside the codes of the message.

    “‘Tis a misdelivery!” I declare
    Inside the vulnerable, winding tendrils
    Of my frail mind.

    I grasp in the cold meat
    Of my clammy palm
    The envelope.
    “‘Tis nonconventional!” I shout
    Into the silent air;
    The wind carries my voice
    To the base of the black,
    Where my inflexible emotions
    Coalesce, synthesizing
    In a frivolious harmony.

    The truth grins; the lie wails.
    I take your letter from the paper.
    My eyes pass over
    Your familiar scrawlings.

    I breathe in the poison
    Your ink etched into the paper.
    You demean, you despise
    The truth laughs; the lies cry.

    You think me a cow,
    You made me frazzled.
    And you stand
    On the opposite side
    Of the stars
    You had not the heart
    To stay, unshirked.

    The truth shakes its head pitifully;
    The lies crash and stumble for me.
    Your message falls
    To the hard, cold floor
    Along with the dead flower
    You left as your parting gift.

    The truth smiles; the lies die.
    I hate you, ’tis true.
    But I cannot let you drift.
    I fall as the truth pushes me;
    Collasping to the floor to hear
    Where your dying heart lies
    Beneath the hard, cold floor.

  3. *I wasn’t able to use ALL the words, but I got about half. I hope you all like it. 🙂 *

    A vulnerable, fleshy thing,
    The heart can be.
    They begin weak.
    Easily swayed.
    Easily fooled.
    Easily broken.
    And you-
    You revolting animal,
    You vile cow-
    Your words sweet with honey,
    Causing my love to flower,
    Then causing it to die.
    Your silver tongue hid venom.
    Your candied lips disguised poison.
    Your flattery,
    Synthesizing sugar with a blade.
    You now laugh at my naivety,
    You mock my sweet innocence.
    Your words meant to demean me,
    In every possible fashion.
    I refuse.
    Never again shall I succumb to your razor-tongue,
    Or fall like a trapped gazelle to your bite.
    Hear me now.
    Let me make my message as clear
    As the ice in your soul.
    I am finished with you.
    I am done with your games.
    But do not take this as a forfeit.
    No, never that.
    I have not surrendered.
    No, I have won.
    I will move on.
    Out of the ashes,
    My heart will bloom.
    And you-
    Yours will wither alone.
    Abandoned and forgotten.
    I swear it.

  4. I tried writing a poem out of this first, but there was just too much information to make it a poem, so here’s my attempt! 😀

    The Ena no bigger than the capacity of your imagination, unshrinking, yet growing from the pillars aligning. The lost touchstone from old Munia, dead but speaking. She’s sending a message to you through your dreams. Using you as an anchor to real space, leaving you open to the Cruzatch awaiting. Your energy output is easily detected through the spaces by the beasts like no other, waiting for the time to strike. The time when you’re most vulnerable. The time when your precious Setari aren’t here to protect you. They aren’t here to protect you from the Cheshire smiles or razor sharp talons. The talons that burn your flesh at the slightest touch. The talons that snatch you away from your friends, trying to prevent you from being taken. A net is thrown over you, in attempt to capture you. You dodge their pitiful attempt. Pain makes you scream and cry out, as you’re lifted into the air and then dropped into the net. The Cruzatch fly you away from your protectors, and you curse your muscles for being in such an inflexible state. You grunt and curl up into a ball, as you’re bounced from one Cruzatch to the other. Receiving a message over the interface
    from fourth squad’s captain about freeing yourself from the net, you start to pull at the strange material, slowly making a large enough Cass sized hole out of the hole already in the net from the misdelivery of one of the Setari’s light bolts. You try to wriggle out of it, and succeed, plummeting towards the water. Landing on your shoulder was the best option, as you try and protect Ys, who happened to get captured along with you, creating a splash that could have been made by a cow. You drag both yourself and her to the rock protruding from the lake’s surface, then sit cross-legged, closing your eyes and synthesizing the Ena. Expanding your sight and sensing all of the Cruzatch, you bottle up all your energy, then expel it all at once, successfully knocking all of the Cheshire smiled creatures out, as well as yourself. Ys’s eyes widen in horror and she struggles to keep you upright, and above the water, while holding herself on the rock aswell, until help arrives to aid.

    I used most of the words… Some of them I just couldn’t fit. This is kinda what happened in a scene of Caszandra (Touchstone series book 3) by Andrea K. Host, that I’ve just read, and I thought that I could make something out of it. These are not my ideas, but I love this series so much.

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