Writing Prompt

Write about unknown unknowns making their existence felt.

Write for 10 minutes and post to comments!


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  1. She looked down at the angry waves continuously crashing against the sharp pointed rocks. Fear grabbed at her heart and stomach as she felt today breakfast slowly rising.
    “I’m not asking you again.” The man in front of her said as he cocked his gun aiming right at her. “Where did that old bat put it?” He asked for the 4th time.
    She fought back the tears that burned her eyes. She had no clue of what this man was talking about. Her Great Aunt albeit left her all her possessions, did not mention some hidden treasure or riches or even a map! Her Great Aunt, Muriel, was always smart and quick witted so She thought ‘what would she do?’
    Quickly thinking on her feet she answered Mr. Psycho Gunman. “ Okay okay just please don’t kill me.” She let the tears run freely to show him how he has broken her down into revealing the ‘treasure’. “She owns a warehouse called Helping Hands. In her office is a painting of a sad clown and behind that painting is a safe. It’s in there, the map She mean.” She lied.
    “What’s the code to the safe?” He asked.
    “17-4-21-34-5” She said not missing a beat. Knowing if she stuttered once he would’ve noticed and called her bluff therefore she had to keep a straight face.
    “Thank you, now was that so hard?” He said. “I really hope you’re telling the truth because if you’re not I’ll go after your little girl. It’ll be ashamed to waste such a pretty little face, especially an orphaned one.”
    Before the words could click in her head two shots went off. She clutched her abdomen where the bullets went through and, from the sheer shock and the force of being shot, she tumbled off the cliff into the angry sea. As the wave engulfed her body all she could think about was her daughter. She cried for her daughter, she prayed not for God to spare her but to save her daughter from the evil of that man.
    When she was about to pass out from the pain of the salt water in her wounds and lots of lost blood she looked over to her right and thought she saw her Aunt Muriel smiling at her as she felt something like strong arms grabbed her.
    ‘God protect my daughter.’ Was her last thought before she passed out completely.
    Beep beep beep beep. She woke up to a mechanical beeping next to her. She slowly opened her eyes to revel that she was not in heaven but a hospital room. At first she sighed with relief of her not being dead then when it all came back she fought to get up and get her daughter. The pain in her abdomen was small but noticeable. She pulled all of the cords that connected with the machines off and started for the door. The heart machine made a long continuous beep signaling that it was no longer connected to a person.
    Then a huge someone ran through the door and hugged her, kissing her on the top of the head.
    “I thought you were dead when I saw you.” The familiar deep baritone voice said. She looked up into the warm green eyes of her best friend, Liam, and threw her arms around him hugging him back.
    “Anatasia” Was all she could get out of her scratchy throat.
    “She’s here and okay.” He whispered back. “Ana! You can come in!” He yelled at the door. In came her small little girl with her natural red curly hair like Muriel and green eyes.
    “Mommy!” Anatasia said hugging her the best she could with her little arms. She bent down and grabbed her daughter; kissing her like it was no tomorrow. “That bad man that the police have, broke into the house but my friend M said to hide in the Attic and be quiet. She said she was going to go get daddy.” She looked dubiously at her daughter then back at her friend.
    “Yeah some red haired little girl with gray eyes knocked on my door in a panic earlier and said you were drowning but when I went to the beach with her to point out where she saw you she disappeared. I was about to turn back around when I heard two shots and I saw you fall from that cliff. I jumped in got you and here we are.” He summed up.
    “That was M mommy! M got daddy! And M called the police!” Anatasia said.
    Liam shrugged his shoulders. “Well the police did say some little girl called them from that house in a panic about someone breaking in trying to kill her then hung up but Anatasia said she never called the cops she was in the attic the whole time.” Liam informed her.
    “Well who is M, baby? I’ve never met her.” She asked her daughter.
    “Yes you did mommy M was at Auntie Muriel’s funeral. Remember?”
    “I didn’t remember much that day baby.” She said. “and why are you calling Liam daddy honey?”
    Liam cleared his throat and got down on one knee. She was breathless at the possibility of what’s about to happen. “ After what happened yesterday I-” She never let him finish before she jumped and hugged him screaming ‘Yes!’ “You never let me finish.” He laughed at her hugging her back.
    “I don’t care because the answer is yes forever and always” She said. Her heart swelled with emotion, her daughter was safe, her best friend who she loved of years loved her back and she just knew everything was going to be alright.
    She was packing up the things in the attic and putting them in storage. After that little fiasco 7 months ago Liam and she got married 5 months later now she was moving in with him and putting the house up for sale. The man who tried to kill her was in prison for 40 years and life couldn’t get any better. Oh wait it did! She was waiting for Liam to get home with Anatasia from school to tell them the good news. Anatasia is going to be a Big sister! She thought as she absent mindedly rubbed her belly.
    She picked up one old dusty box when everything fell out of the bottom. She sighed getting down on her knees to pick up the objects when she picked up what looked to be a photo album her aunt never showed her. She walked in the living room and sat down on the couch to get some better lighting. She blew the dust off and opened the book. It was filled with very old pictures of a old couple holding a child and smiling surrounded by two other kids.
    The next page was filled with a red head little girl with gray eyes, Riding a bike, laughing, making funny faces and one in what looked to be her church dress and shoes.
    “That’s M mommy!” Her daughter screamed. She must not have heard when she came in. “That’s M mommy.” She heard heavy footsteps come up behind her and kiss her on the forhead.
    “Yeah that’s the girl that warned me about you, baby.” Liam said. “Hey who is that any way?” He asked. She took the picture out and read the back. The one word on there took her breath away. ‘It can not be’
    “What does it say Honey.” Liam said.
    As she fought for her voice she read the one word on the back out loud.
    “Muriel” She said.

  2. You’ve seen us everywhere. We’re all around you. When you dance in the rain, chase after an item being carried away by the wind, or witness a flower blooming, you’ve felt us. Except for one thing, we’re invisible to you. We share the same world as yours. Some of my friends prefer the phrase “Trapped inside of it.” In a way they’re right.
    Our bodies aren’t like yours either. In fact, we don’t even have bodies… If you were to take away your “outer-shell” you’d be like us; all spirit. Now, I know you might be thinking we’re ghost. No. Ghost are things some of my naughtier friends do to entertain themselves.
    They like the eerie, abandoned, dark places that you humans are naturally curious of. For fun when you enter a “haunted” house with a group of friends after being triple-dog dared to enter, they slam a few doors, push over a couple chairs, just to get you excited. Even though I don’t condone this, it’s quite hysterical to watch. It’s not like you’ll hear my laughter anyway.
    But I haven’t even mentioned the naughtiest of us all. My friends and I have tried to stop them. We’ve succeeded- thank your lucky stars- more than once at thwarting their plans. They call themselves the “Dynasty.” They are the cause for all the horror you humans experience. Hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, avalanches and more are all started with their help.
    Like me, they want to be noticed. They love seeing your powerlessness. It does something to them inside…
    But don’t worry, not all of us are like that. Most of us strive to keep your world-our world- safe. I heard someone say something once: “Everything is caused by something.”
    Your world. Your very life wouldn’t be possible without us. We are that something. And though with every breath we create for you to breath, we never cross your mind. We are truly unknown. And we want to be heard.

  3. I flittered the rain. It was rapidly growing faster, and harder though. Yet I relished it. Despite the previous conceptions about us, my wings were not disturbed by the rain, or water in general. I loved the rain. It bathed the world with a renewing freshness.

    I settled on a red, metal roof, watching the storm clouds above. I loved the sound of rain hitting against the metal. I leaned back against the chimney, out of the way of the rain and wind, listening and watching.

    I lay in my bed, listening to the driving rain. Despite the late hour, I had my lamp on, casting a warm, buttery glow around the room. I had a book I needed to read for school, but it lay slumped in my lap, and my mind wandered off. I couldn’t keep my mind still on a rainy night. I had to question anyone who could! I had my blinds open, so I could see the periodic flashes of lightning. I loved the way it illuminated the yard, making the world seem like I was in a black and white movie. I tossed aside the boring book in my lap in favor of one I had recently bought. It was quite a comical book, and was always setting me laughing. Tonight in particular, I was about to roll off the bed from laughing, when the most peculiar thing happened…

    I say listening to the rain, drifting off to sleep, when I sat upright. I’d heard… laughing. Sweet, young laughing. I leaned over the edge of the roof, to see a warm light shining through the window below. I slowly flitted downward, becoming level with the window. I was unknown to humans, we all were, but I dearly wanted to change that. If humans would look at us as living creatures, people even, and not science experiments, then maybe we could come out of hiding. I peered inside the window to see a girl, anywhere from fourteen to sixteen, laying on a bed, giggling horribly at something she was reading. I couldn’t help but smile. It was wonderful to hear a youthful voice of this day and age, laughing so richly, so purely, and innocently. The more she laughed, the happier, and lighter I felt, till I found myself laughing as well.

    I was in the middle of a particularly funny part, when I suddenly stopped, listening. The rain drowned out most other sounds, but this one stood out. It was unlike anything I’d ever heard. It was like an echoing laugh. Like a child’s laugh, with bells, tinkling in the background. I couldn’t describe it just right. I’d never to be able to, not that anyone would believe me. I looked toward the window, and locked eyes with a small, beautiful creature. Her eyes seemed welcoming, and her smile held tenderness, mystery, and allure. Slowly, I climbed out of bed, and walked over to the window. I knelt down to wear I was eye level. She held my gaze, and there was no fear in her moon silver eyes. She smiled, gave a nod, and whispered…

    I stopped laughing immediately when the girl did. She sat up, evidently listening. Slowly, she looked toward the window, and stopped. I’d seen young children before, and even allowed them to get a look at me. But despite her multiple years, she didn’t seem think much of this, aside from just being curios. She crept over to the window, and knelt down. I wasn’t worried. A layer of glass separated us, but I felt that this girl wouldn’t try to catch me anyway. We held eye contact for a long moment. Then I smiled, nodded, and whispered, “Always remember the unknown.” I said it softly, but I knew she could hear. She smiled a beautiful smile that I knew would always be ageless, and I prayed her future generations would inherit. Then I turned, and flew off into the night. Only the young girl at the window knew I was more, than just a firefly, or a twinkling star.

  4. WOOOOW.This story rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks!

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