A book with an unsure ending

I recently found a new favorite author of mine, Torey Hayden. She is a professional psychiatrist that specializes in selective mute children.

In one particular book I was reading, she became a teacher for a special ed class. Coincidently, one of the girls was a select mute. This little girl underwent so many horrifying things it seemed unreal. She would come in after school with Torey, lock them in the cloak closet (where Torey’s desk was), and block off all the holes (even the key holes) with tape. She claimed she wasn’t supposed to talk about anything or stand up straight, and if she did, the spiders would tell “Mrs. Ellie”.

After a year, Torey decided to bring it to the school and law. At first, this little girl was scared out of her wits! She refused to talk, and just wanted Torey to talk for her. Eventually, Torey convinced her to go into the cloak room, lock and cover everything,  and tell a social worker everything. The woman came out dumbfounded and stunned.

Though it is based on a true story, they still don’t know what exactly went on regarding the multiple events that this little girl told. Theories are of many, but what really happened still remains a mystery to the world, as well as me.


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  1. Wow, interesting! 😉

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