Writing Prompt from Natalie

Halloween is here and you decide to scare your friends. Write for 10min about how you scare them.

Post your work to comments!


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  1. My friends love watching scary movies, so scaring them is extremely easy due to their overexposure to scenes that always lead to death. So I took advantage of this and told one of my friends to throw a Halloween party, a small one with only like 9 people. My friend told everybody else that I was going to Orlando for the weekend so they wouldn’t expect me or anything. When actually I wasn’t going anywhere, I was going to wait in the bushes outside the front door of the house. After everyone was inside and about an hour passed it was time for the fun to begin. My friends house has a control box to the house in the backyard, secured in a safe. He gave me the key so that I could access it. The first thing I did was cut the electricity, after that happened some of my friends were already freaking out. Then I just messed with them, by like opening the front door slowly, banging on the windows and stuff like that. Then I just grabbed one of my friends each at one time and told them it was a prank and told them to hide, making the remaining people think they were being picked of one by one. Although it sounds mean, it was so funny and I’d do it again, but better next time.

  2. Christian, we have got to form diabolical plans some time. We’ll discuss it over coffee. 😀 If I were there, I’d be on the ground dying of laughter. Glad your prank was such a success.

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