Ode to Mother Nature by Steven

An Ode to Mother Nature
Devastation and destruction; two forces that go hand in hand, yet so completely different. One can aim to destroy someone or something, but they can never devastate their focus. That occurrence is only something brought forth by nature, which is flawless in every way, yet it becomes scary how violent she can become.
Natural disasters are only her emissaries. She uses them to call forth the beginning or end of life, yet we, being like cockroaches beneath nature’s expansive sky, manage to cling on to life while thriving in hidden colonies inside her expanse.
Man, however, has the belief that he rules you, but man is wrong, because you, and you alone, oh Mother Nature, know that you can and will never be ruled, especially by humans whose life spans are so fleeting.
You are generous, for your patience and love know no bounds, and with your might, you could easily squash out the existence of every human on this planet, leaving only your creatures to take over the land so wrongfully stolen from you by the greedy pillagers. Only then will peace initiate its existence inside of your expansive lands and oceans, for then no petty arguments will lead to all out wars amongst the warmongers that curse you and mar the pulchritude of your lands.
Even now, your life force withers away as we mine and drill for your natural resources, carrying away with us little shards of your soul. Yet you feel no anger towards the thieves, for you let them live, cluttering themselves into larger and larger places until there is none left.
And when that fateful day arrives, you shall take your chance and smite them where and whence they stand, for they shall have become blemishes that must be removed for the greater cause. They must be removed for your purification.


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  1. This is great!

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