Writing Prompt from Rosalind

“Grandma took the last gingerbread man from the cookie sheet. Suddenly…” Finish this scene.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your work to comments!


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  1. Grandma took the last gingerbread man from the cookie sheet. Suddenly, the sound of a window being broken resounded throughout the room. Grandma was shocked, dropping the cookie back on the pan, she ducked behind the counter. She heard faint shuffling coming from the family room down the hall. Quickly taking her cell phone out of her pocket, she dialed 9-1-1, then pressed the green glowing “talk” button.
    “911, what’s you emergency?” The operator spoke in a calm voice.
    “S-someone’s broken into my home! There in the family room, and I-I I don’t know what to do.” Grandma spoke in a shaky whisper, her fear obvious.
    “Stay calm ma’am, tell me your address and we’ll send a couple police there.”
    Grandma told the operator her address, and the operator replied that there will be someone to assist her over in two minutes. Grandma noticed that the person who broke into her house was in the entry way of the kitchen, and she peeked out from behind the counter, only to lock eyes with the culprit. She backed out from the other side of the counter, only to be met with the insane smile of the one she was trying to get away from. He knelt down to floor in front of grandma, and she froze.
    “I smelt cookies.” The creepy man said deviously, drawing out the s, tilting his head to the side as he spoke. His eyes were blood shot and his teeth were dangerously sharp.
    “Stay away from me.” Grandma forced out, her words coated with fear.
    Then, the front door was broken down and five armed police officers flooded into her kitchen.
    “Sir, step away from the lady and put your hand behind your back. You’re under arrest.”
    The creepy man complied, stepping away from grandma, and to the police officers. They took the handcuffs and clicked them around the guy’s wrist, handing him to three of the officers, who led the man out of her house.
    “Sorry for the trouble miss, we’ll be taking the man to custody, and your broken window will be paid for.”
    Grandma thanked the officers, and stood up from her position on the floor with the help of the two men. The men started their way out of her house, then paused for a short minute.
    “Ooh, cookies! Don’t mind if I do.” The officer said, as he took a few and then left her house.
    After all, no one could resist grandma’s cookies.

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