Writing Prompt by Cheyenne

Music has proved to be useful when writing. Pick a favorite song and write a story based on the atmosphere you get from it.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your prompt to comments!


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  1. Stuff We Did-Up soundtrack
    Dear Robert,
    I hope your life is doing well and I would love to see you again. We haven’t spoken much for these past few months ever since, well you already know, and I would like you to come for a visit again. My health has been growing weaker by the days and I no longer have anyone to support me while I’m trying to finish my novels and my days are not filled with a hint of positivity. There is no longer a bright look, just a negative one. Even when I try to write my novels my hands hurt too much and I end up staring at a typewriter for more than an hour before realizing that I haven’t typed a single word.
    Each day I feel like I want to die. There is no enjoyment in life when you’re just sitting there with misery, so what’s the point of even living it? So I want you to come for a last visit Robert. When I die at least I’ll know you will be there for me, my only son that ever lived out of the four. I suppose some people are luckier than others in this world while some face a depressing fate just like my other three daughters and sons who never saw what adulthood would be like.
    I understand you are a busy man trying to support yourself and your children and I wish I could help you instead of trying to complete a dream that will never be real. But I’m glad you’re alive, healthy, and positive just like your father. Well now my fingers are aching from typing this and the sun is falling behind the hill so I think this is all I can write for now. I hope you answer me as quick as you can. In the meantime I think I’ll enjoy a cup of cocoa while I wait for your reply.
    Your caring mother

  2. The hardest part of going to the edge of death and coming back is knowing you couldn’t do it. I didn’t think he would do it, but I guess that I had danced around the god of death many times myself.
    They told me it would get better. For me, it did. I met him, and he healed me, making me a better. For each good point of a person, there is a bad. I fell madly in love with him, and I couldn’t stand being apart for a moment. He loved me this much as well. It was a mutual feeling. He healed my scars, kissing them away.
    With every good moment, there is the bad.
    His father was the worst person in the universe. I couldn’t stand him at all. I cursed his name, and when I found what he did to his beautiful son, I almost burst. It was hard to imagine taking all that pain and still being able to stand on two legs.
    My Bow did it.
    I couldn’t believe his strength. He was able to accept everything. He was able to understand. When I lashed out at him when I was plain out angry, he accepted his punishment. I hit him, but his kisses healed me. I never understood. He picked me up when I was down. He carried me away from the pain, shielding me.
    Bow was my precious shield, and I couldn’t let him go.
    The thing is…the bad things won out in the end. I didn’t believe my ears when Caleb told me. Caleb was the one who knew first. I didn’t know at all. He didn’t email me or anything. I was caught up in my work, typing out my English essay. I didn’t notice him at all. How could I be so blind? I was a fool.

    I wore my white dress that went to my knees. Bow loved this dress. He always convinced me to wear it, always using different methods. He once forced me into it using sweet nothings. I didn’t know how he did it. He was always a puzzle, and I had only started putting the pieces together.
    I bit my lower lip as people murmured soft words to apology to me. I looked at the polished wood coffin. His dad didn’t even come. My parents paid for the entire thing. I gulped. I took a step closer. “Hey, Bow,” I whispered. “How are you? Have you been brushing your hair?” I glanced at everyone else behind me as they filed out. I walked closer and cupped his chin. I lowered my head and kissed his lips gently.
    “Hey, do you remember that stupid promise we made? Do you remember that you promised to protect me? Do you remember what I said? Do you?” I didn’t expect him to reply, but in my heart, I knew he was crying. I covered my eyes with my hands and cried. I turned my back to his body and gulped.
    “Keep moving forwards. We watched ‘Meet the Robinsons’ together. Do you remember me crying over almost every scene? I do. Bow…don’t leave me. Please…” I grabbed your hand and kissed it. ‘I won’t leave you. I will always protect you,’ Bow said.
    (I hope this is school appropriate…it’s a combination of ‘Fall for You’ and ‘Little Wonders’. Yeah…I made one character up. Another person made Bow up.)

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