Writing Prompt from Rosalind

Write from a first person POV about the everyday life of a snowman.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. The world seemed to always hate me. I was only ‘alive’ for a month or so very year. I hated it sometimes, but who could blame me? I was a snowman after all. I didn’t have a long lifespan, and I could barely move. I just watched as people passed me by. I was wearing the stereotypical black silk top hat with a pipe in my mouth. That is if you thought I had a mouth. I had a broomstick in my hand, making me wonder if my creators thought I was a female because only witches used brooms in my mind. I saw a pretty girl with long, flowing blonde hair. I knew I could never flirt with her for a few reasons. One was the fact that I was a snowman. Two was the fact that I was going to melt soon. My creators a Tom and Lily Jenkins from Central America told each other that the snow was going to melt soon. That meant I was going to melt like the witch from the ‘Wizard of Oz’. It was obviously foolish to think that a snowman like me would ever have a chance with a girl like her.
    I just wanted someone to love.
    My creators didn’t have the time to make me a wife. In my imagination, I had created the perfect girl. She was a bit pudgy around the middle with a beautiful yellow bow in her hair. She would be a brunette because I had a thing for brunettes. She would have beautiful, sparkling eyes. Her eyes would be marbles.
    I winced when I felt the heat of the sun beaming down on me. I turned my head ever so slightly as the sun’s rays shone in the sky.
    “Wow, angel, look,” a man said to his slightly tall daughter. The girl looked up and giggled. “Papi, it’s going to stop snowing. I hate the snow sometimes. It’s all wet and watery when it melts,” she said. The man ruffled her hair. “Want to make a snowman with your old dad?” he asked. My hopes rose as I thought a wife would be created for me. The girl shook her head. “I want to go home,” she said.
    My hopes was dashed, and I thought, ‘How stupid of me. No one wants to make me a bride at all. That is very…depressing.’
    I bit down my thoughts as I tried to think on the positive side. I would soon melt and join my brethren in the sewers. Well, I never liked Aunt Janice from the Bronx or Maribella from the other side of Central Park.
    ‘Were there any good thoughts?’ I wondered. Maybe not for me. My cousin Bert was getting wed after the snow melts. He told me his fiancée was an amazing swimmer, and I almost died of laughter. How could we be swimmers if we were water? It never made any sense to me.
    My pipe fell, and I realized something very very deep.
    When the snow melts, spring comes.
    I chuckled to myself as my carrot nose fell from my face. I smelled the rich smells of hot dogs and slush. I grinned to myself.
    Maybe being a snowman wasn’t a bad thing.

  2. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a snowman? I haven’t, because I am one. If you want to know what it is like, you can just hear my story.
    I start off when people decide that they want to roll some balls with the snow, stack them on top of each other, and put 2 sticks in for arms, rocks in for eyes and mouth, and a carrot for the face. If you don’t know what it is like, it is very difficult when losing a body part. Many times I have had parts of my mouth, eyes, or nose fall off of me, or my arms taken away. I am very thankful that most of the time they are replaced. But what about what makes me up? What happens when I begin to melt? I haven’t yet experienced this myself, but I have heard and seen what happens to my friends. They melt and then they are no longer in existence. …but…I don’t want to die! What am I supposed to do? I decide then that I need to do something. If I want to live longer than a day or few then I need to come up with a strategy… fast! I have this special thing that no humans know about. No one knows about it besides us snowmen, for that case. I can talk. Now as you are reading this, you may be surprised. You can never imagine me…a snowman… talking. But the thing is, you wouldn’t know about this. We haven’t previously revealed this to anyone. There is a little girl who made me, and she seems very sweet. Today when she was over by me by herself I called out to her. Not firmly, not quietly, just enough so she could hear me and not be frightened. This girl carefully moved towards me. After a while of talking to her, she began to trust me. I told her about my fears. This girl became like my best friend. We talked over this, and we discussed what we could do so I could continue living and not become the destiny of my other snowman friends. We decided even though we couldn’t control my destiny in life- to melt- that we would have our memories of us together. And no matter what happens, we will be connected through friendship- and through love.

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