Writing in 3D by Natalie

To me, writing isn’t just words on a flat piece of paper. It’s a 3D shape. Let’s say you’re writing a story. Pick a 3D shape to represent it. I’m going to use a sphere, but any shape will do. The size of the book/story determines the size of the shape. There’s also a way to show errors. If a story has too much writing, it can look like a blemish on the imaginary sphere. If the story needs more description, you can add a crater or dent into the shape. Now, we all know that writing is very hard to perfect. Each story/book has some dents and blemishes. Although we do our best to ‘fill in’ or ‘smooth out’ those errors. Now we have a sphere with a few dents and blemishes on it’s surface. Here’s another way to help represent your story in a shape. What way do you look at the shape? From below, from the side, or maybe even from above. Everyone looks at the ‘shape’ differently. This may have sounded confusing, or not. It’s just a fun way to think of writing. Try and imagine one of your favorite books or pieces of writing. What 3D shape would you make it? How big will it be? Can you find errors and add them to the shape? Also, what angle would you look at it? What would it mean? There are also many other ways to manipulate the shapes to fit your story. Can you think of some?


About Natalie C.

Hey there! I'm a writer of four years, and an artist of about the same. I enjoy skiing, horseback riding, SCUBA diving and flying (airplanes) whenever I can!

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  1. That’s awesome, Natalie!! 🙂

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