Hello 2014! by Rosalind

Oh yes the year 2014 has at last shown itself to us and given us the green light that we have made it! Wow! I must say, I didn’t see the New Year coming like it did, I was blow away watching the ball drop with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on CNN. But I felt pretty good about what I was leaving and what I know will be coming. 2013 was a big year. And not just for the stuff like driving, entering high school, gaining more relationships, really studying my identity. Some small things really left dents, memories. Getting my first snake and actually doing a pretty good job of raising it up (he’s over 2 feet now), getting a typewriter for Christmas (a Royal No.10), finding out I’m actually an Eminem fan (I have three of his CD’s now, my neighbors have officially heard three albums of his through the walls). So much happened. So much that I actually have trouble recounting the whole year. But I guess I wouldn’t. I don’t think that’s what it’s about, recognizing every little thing. The real things that happened, the things that really made a change, gave me something to miss and hold onto. Those are the real highlights of the last year.
Of course we are a club of writers, and swapping war stories is always fun right? I became really in touch with myself as a writer, 2013 has probably been my best year out of the four I have been writing. My newest character was born in the summer time, at the beginning, and was written over about three months, and he really gave me something to be proud of. I’ve loved every character of mine, Jade was my success of 2012, as was Brayden (NaNo). Robin (NaNo) was also a success of 2013, my NaNoWriMo’s have continued to improve, and this year was a favorite. Danny has probably been out of everything my biggest success through last year, for he has been a long time character I have been toying with. I have written about 9 treatments of his story, that is 9 versions of a book, over 4 years, and just last year, in the last few months, he really came into place. Danny was what started me on my path as a writer, and he has continued to drive me to improve and stay loyal to the craft. He has stopped being like my baby. Brayden, Jade, Channing, Robin, they are my babies, but Danny has taken on a sort of partner roll, more of a husband, and it’s a strained relationship but love knows no limit, so I continue to work with him. He continues to improve, for himself and myself. He has been who I live for in my world of words, and in 2014 I imagine he will only mature even faster. We will both better ourselves as storytellers.
I am not one for New Years resolutions. I appreciate the idea, but I have decided that as long as I am happy with my body, my mind, and my life, as long as I am functioning and living well, I do not need to stress on trying to change up things. I see myself as happy with most things. No life is not perfect, but it is pretty good, and the thing that makes me most happy, writing, is going in the right direction, so really, as long as I have that, what more could I ask for from 2014?


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  1. Did anyone ever tell you how good you are at writing essays? 😀

  2. LOVE THIS! You’re an awesome writer! This is totally what has happened to me in 2013! Except switch Eminem with Macklemore, and that’s it! My favorite character has been totally created as of summer of 2013, and I actually finished writing that character’s book after about a year! 🙂

  3. Amazing. Just amazing. 🙂

  4. This is GREAT! 😀 😀 😀 🙂 🙂

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