Writing Prompt

Your character finished something she’s wanted to finish for a while. Write for ten minutes on how she is feeling about her accomplishment.


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  1. Ok, I hav’nt posted anything for a while so here it goes…..
    Phew! I wiped my forhead with the back of my hand.Finally! It took a while, but I did it. I did it.I did it. “You go girl!” My friend rosalie cheered on from the sidelines of our huge backyard. My first perfect back hand spring. Was I going to make the team? I don’t know. But I did it.I did it. I a-million-times did it. I felt breathless and sweaty, but a smile erupted on my face. “I did do it!” I exclaimed. Rosalie and I jumped up and down together, and she erupted into a fireball of joy, sprinting down the grass and jumping high in the air,twisting and flipping with excitement. “Yay!” She yelped. she hugged me tightly. “We can make the team!” she cried. “I don’t know.” I said uncertainly. “There is still work to be done.”

  2. I sat at my computer, wondering about my life. I smiled to myself.
    I looked at my computer. There was a new email. I slowly opened it and gaped at the message. “Nia!” I cried. “Come quickly!” There were loud footsteps and a crash. I jumped to my feet and whirled around.
    “Aila? What is it?” an Asian girl asked me. She had her hand on the doorframe and was panting like a dog. I smiled at her and gestured frantically at the computer screen.
    “Just look. I can’t believe it at all,” I said hurriedly.
    “Believe it? What is it? You need to be more precise,” she said.
    “Oh come on. This isn’t the time or place,” I said.
    “Time or place? This is definitely the time and place,” she snapped.
    She walked over with her nose in the air. She sat down in my swivel chair and turned to face the computer. Her chocolate brown eyes scanned the message, and she let a small chuckle escape her lips.
    “You got in, didn’t you?” she said.
    “Yes, didn’t you read it?” I replied.
    “I did, but I didn’t understand it. It’s all in Chinese, Aila,” she said.
    I blushed from embarrassment. Nia couldn’t read Chinese while I was trilingual. I could speak French, Chinese, and English. I smiled at her.
    “Come on. Let’s drink beer and celebrate,” I said cheerfully. “I have a whole case ready and waiting.”
    “Sorry, Aila, but I can’t. I have a term paper to finish. I’ll celebrate later. Why don’t you just invite Ayi or Damon over?” she replied.
    “But I wanna celebrate with you, Nia,” I whined.
    She rose to her feet and smiled at me. “I know you do, but I’ve got work. See you later, sister,” she said. She kissed my cheek and strutted out of the room.
    I scowled. “I don’t want to call Ayi. She’s just mess this up,” I murmured. I stormed over to my closet and pulled out a strapless, silky dress. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it aside. “Stupid Nia. This is my only chance to celebrate my acceptance. Poop,” I muttered under my breath. I cursed her softly in my native French, but I sighed in the end. I pulled the dress over my head. “I can celebrate without her.” I grinned and ran out of my room, finding heels. “I’m going dancing!” I announced.
    I hailed a taxi and quickly went to my favorite club. After flashing my ID, I got in. I wandered around the dance floor, looking for a suitable dance partner. I found it in a lanky male with curly brown hair that flopped over into his eyes. His eyes were piercing and green. He leaned against the doorframe, looking nonchalant and super sexy. I put on a face that screamed calm and cool. I slowly walked over, keeping a steady and not too fast pace. I finally reached him from the other side of the club. I winked at me, trying to be sexy. He ignored me, glancing at his Rolex watch. I paused. ‘Rolex? He must be rich. Man, I haven’t seen someone wear a Rolex before in this club. Why is he here anyways?’ I thought. I smiled at him. “I’m Aila. Who are you?” I said. He ignored me again, looking at the door. I pouted. “Come on. Talk to me,” I said. I snapped my fingers in his face. I frowned.
    “Are you Aila?” he asked.
    “Yes…I told you that,” I said.
    “Come with me,” he said.
    “Rushing things much?” I cried.
    He grabbed my wrist.
    “I’m Damon,” he said. “Your Damon.”

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