Collaborative Short Story

This will be a fast paced, challenging, and fun exercise! If you’d like to participate, we will write a story together.

• Language and subject matter must be school appropriate. You will be dropped from the story if you submit work that is inappropriate. If you have a question about whether something is inappropriate, it probably is.
The story will be written by everyone participating. One person will start and send their part to me. I will send the story to the next person. They will add their 500 words, and send it back to me. And so on. How many turns you get at writing the story will depend on how many members participate.
• The turn around time will be 1 day. For example if you are tapped to write your section on Monday, you need to send me your 500 words by Tuesday.
• Each participant will write 500 words at a time.
• During the meeting last night, we established that our story will be Adventure genre, an exciting undertaking involving risk and physical damage. Our main character is an 18 year old girl. She escapes her captors, who are deadly assassins, and they chase her all over the world. There will be a few more details provided soon to participants to get us going.
• The story will be written from February 14-March 5.

Please sign up by February 13. To sign up, send Mrs. Emery an email.


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