The Dreaded Case of Writer’s Block by Natalie

We all have those times. The time when you’re writing a great story or poem, and your brain decides to shut off. I know it has happened to me more than a few times. Some of the things I do to try and reboot my brain are: Stretch, go listen to music, play my instrument, or even just drop the pencil and go ride my bike. Any of those things are a good way to get you started, but I found even more solutions on Below is a list of the top ten ways (according to the site) to get rid of Writer’s Block. If you want, you can go to the site to find the whole 50 solutions.

1. A free-writing journal. Set yourself a time limit or page limit and write continuously without stopping until your goal has been reached. Write down everything that comes into your head however random and unimportant it may seem. No censoring and no thinking.

2. Brainstorm. Use any brainstorming or prewriting method to get ideas onto paper. A page full of ideas can jumpstart your creativity.

3. Redefine your audience. If you started off writing a book for an adult audience, think about changing your idea into a children’s book instead.

4. Talk about your ideas with a friend. It’s easier to speak about something than write it down. Enjoy a case of verbal diarrhea and share your ideas.

5. Record your ideas into a tape recorder. If you are not yet ready to share ideas with a friend, blabber non-stop into a Dictaphone or voice recorder.

6. Re-look at the angle of your story. Started off with the intention of sharing a persuasive piece of writing, try something more entertaining.

7. Start with the easiest part. You are not limited to starting with the introduction, try piecing together your conclusion or start right in the middle of the story. Fill in all the blanks later.

8. Reboot your brain. You may think of writer’s block as a lack of ideas or too little inspiration but quite often it’s a case of too much. Too many distractions, thoughts and ideas flowing through your brain. Time to pack in the towel for a short while ….. Do something completely different. No thinking allowed!

9. Pick up a pen. If you have been typing away endlessly at your keyboard to no avail, pick up a pen. Try longhand or reach for a pencil. Nothing beats the feeling of a free flowing lead gripped tightly between your fingers.

10. Draw a picture or a diagram. Use this image to help trigger your thoughts and ideas.


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Hey there! I'm a writer of four years, and an artist of about the same. I enjoy skiing, horseback riding, SCUBA diving and flying (airplanes) whenever I can!

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  1. This is great, Natalie!!!

  2. -laughs softly- I’m one of the luckier ones. I rarely get writer’s block. I normally have a ton of ideas from talking to myself or creating a scene in my mind. Or I start off with a scene and just change the characters and boom! I get a fan fiction. I have started sooooo many projects that I can’t keep count anymore! I just write them down and post them on my writing blog, and just go back to them later or never go back to them. -shrugs-

    • You are sooooooo fortunate! I often find myself coming down with a case of writers block, but I haven’t as much lately. I think that for me, reading helps me get rid of writers block. Just reading some of the great writings of the world motivate me and bring the evasive creativity back to me. Also, I have been writing a lot of fan fiction lately……..

      • I guess I am! I get inspiration from anything and everything. I got an idea from a story after I ran up the stairs of my elementary school after checking out an Alex Rider book. I haven’t been allowed to do…certain non-inappropriate things, so I’ve been spitting out anime fan fiction. Mostly reader inserts. A few that came from characters that are canon or whatnot. I get a lot of ideas from reading other reader inserts. Like Mafia!Romano x Reader or maybe Yandere!Lab x Reader. I even made a cute, feminine-like guy named Yukimura a yandere guy (pretty much insane dude who will kill for his beloved. See Yuno Gasai from Future Diary…) I have so many ideas even though I write for only Hetalia, Code Geass, Free, Ouran, and 07 Ghost. Only a few animes! -laughs-

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