Writing Prompt from Natalie

You got a bunch of flowers from a secret lover. Write about how your character figures out (or doesn’t) who he/she is.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Waru Hatsume was extremely popular. He was so popular that almost every girl gave him chocolate or flowers or a candy heart or whatnot on Valentine’s Day.
    He, on the other hand, didn’t care at all. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate the day of love. He liked it enough. He enjoyed getting gifts and being nice to people.
    Well, ‘being nice’ is a debatable phrase. Waru was part of Fire and Wyng, after all. He could barely control his temper, and his version of ‘being nice’ was keeping a stiff smile on his face and faking a ‘thank you’. Sadly, he had no member of Water to pacify him, and that was why he exploded the day he found flowers in locker.
    They were roses, but they weren’t simply just roses. There were sunflowers and tulips amongst the roses. The flowers were at the peak of their bloom, and the fragrance wafted off of them. The Japanese male choked on the smell, grasping the stems of the flowers. He scowled slightly.
    Who in their right mind would send a member of Fire flowers?
    It was a question on his mind for most of his mundane classes. He had only two other classes among the English and math and science and history. He had to take ‘power control’ classes taught by an ex-Earth member and, sadly, Wyng classes.
    ‘The person who sent me flowers could be anyone. Albaster Stein. Willa Wayve. Smokey,’ he thought, listing some of the people in his power control class. Sure, they weren’t all his age, but they were ‘powerful’ in their own way. He, as the most powerful in Fire, absolutely hated the others in his classes.
    The male scowled and stormed down the hall to power control. Inside, Willa was working on conjuring a small wave to wash out the smell of smoke and sulfur that was in the room. Waru raised an eyebrow, but he didn’t say word. Louis DeVille and Hayne Willis stood in the middle of it all. The Egyptian boy Hayne bit his lower lip. Louis the reincarnation of Loki just laughed, smirking.
    ‘God, he’s so annoying,’ Waru thought as he looked at the people. The people in his power control class were closer to him than anyone. He bit his lower lip as Smokey rolled her gray eyes.
    ‘Smokey…didn’t she have a crush on me a few years back? We met in a park before meeting again here at Dark Skies,’ he thought. He shook his head.
    Willa watched the male think. She laughed softly to herself, smirking. The daughter of the Tiber spirit had sent the Japanese son of a death god flowers as a joke. She wanted to see his reaction, and, to her, it was priceless. The boy looked confused and muddled as he paced the dungeon-looking classroom. She smirked more when the teacher entered. The god looked at the students and cleared his throat. Louis froze, stiffening.
    The reincarnation of Loki turned slowly to see his Norse father, looking down on him. “Louis, what have you been doing?” the teacher boomed, his voice echoing around the room. Louis just gulped, loosening his tacky tie. He closed his eyes and disappeared. Willa sighed softly, shaking her head.
    ‘Trickster,’ she thought sadly.
    Waru sighed softly, glancing at Willa. ‘It might have been a prank. Willa might be a leader to most in Earth, but she hates me. I know she does,’ he thought. He closed his eyes as the teacher entered. His eyes flashed open when he sensed a male and female enter behind the bulky teacher. He raised an eyebrow as the girl peeked out from behind the teacher.
    “Oh, yes, please welcome Aeron Nyte and her twin Lucian Nyte,” the teacher said, pushing the girl into the spotlight. The boy followed, looking at his classmates.
    “Maybe…” Waru murmured, wondering if the girl sent him flowers. “Just maybe…”

    (AAAAHHH. I got slightly sidetracked with writing about Wyng and the classes! -screams angrily- veihc3h432o4v Gah. Gah. Gah.)

  2. It was February 11, 2014 when I received my first bouquet of flowers from a stranger. They showed up at my doorstep, all by themself, at half past 10 in the morning. Yes, they were lovely and were roses, which were my favorite, but there was one problem. I didn’t know who gave them to me. There wasn’t a person who showed up, there was no card. I simply couldn’t find out who gave them to me. So, I brought them in, put them in a vase, and continued on with my life. The next morning, at one minute before half past ten in the morning, I peeked out the window of my apartment. I looked at my doorstep, and there were more roses. Again, when I checked, there wasn’t anybody around. But, I did find a card. It simply said, “Hi, you may find this a little bit strange that a stranger is giving you flowers, but I think you’re lovely, so here.” That was all. It wasn’t even signed! On February 13, 2014, I walked out the door at exactly 10 o’ clock sharp, and oh, flowers were on my doorstep. I reached for the tiny white card that was visible in the large bouquet of roses. “Hi again. I knew you would come out earlier. Sorry, you couldn’t catch me. But here are some more flowers.” That was all that was on the card. On February 14, 2014, curiosity got the best of me, and I sat on my doorstep at 9 o’ clock. There wasn’t a new bouquet, but there were flower petals that led down the street. I jumped up and started following them. I spotted a white card on the sidewalk, and I picked it up. “I knew you’d get up earlier! Sorry that I didn’t leave more flowers at your doorstep, but keep following the petals.” I followed the petals until I wound up at a building. I looked up, and “Jack’s Flowers” was right in front of me. I looked in through the window, and surely, the guy I’ve liked forever, Jack, was looking right back at me, smiling, holding a bouquet of flowers.

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