Writing Prompt from Natalie

You find a strange family treasure. Write about the character’s reaction.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. The dust cloud puffed into my face, irritating my already-stuffed sinuses. One day I would learn to not go prodding around Granddad’s attic with a cold. But now, I opened the chest. It creaked open, likely from the rust on the hinges.
    Inside, it was empty. Why would an empty, rusty chest be in Granddad’s attic? My grandfather was the farthest person from a pack rat, and since Grandma had died, he had cleared the house of nearly everything except sparse pieces of furniture.
    I pressed the sides of the chest. Maybe there was some sort of secret compartment. I felt like an adventurer searching for treasure.
    Just when I had about given up on my trip around the chest, I heard something. The inside of the chest…shuffled. I jumped back. If there were rats hidden in this thing, I was not going to bit by those vermin.
    The shuffling continued, beginning to make the chest bounce across the floor. I froze, unsure of what to do. Something was in the chest.
    “Let me out!”
    I screamed, startled by the voice.
    “Please, Serena, let me out.” A hand reached up through the chest.
    Oh, Lord, help me, I thought to myself. Feeling light-headed, I scooted back from the chest. Whoever was in that thing would have to come out by themselves.
    The hand was followed by an arm, two arms, a head. The gasp that ripped my mouth open could have sucked in all of Greenburg.
    It was Grandma Willa.
    “Serena, why didn’t you help me out?” Grandma hoisted herself over the side of the chest, still in the red plaid dress she had been wearing the last day I saw here.
    “Answer me, girl!” She squinted at me. To her, I had gone crazy. But, to me, she had.
    What was the person that had been dead for two months doing in her own attic? More importantly, why was she still alive?

  2. OMG my first comment! 😀 Here I go.

    There were all kinds of relatives downstairs with the lawyer going over the will once again. My parents just died all they care about is their share of all of the valuables they’ve collected over the years. I couldn’t take it anymore. All I care about is finding what my dad told me about when I was little. An important piece of our heritage passed on, secretly, to every firstborn in the family. I’m the first girl to receive it. I guess I will be the first girl if I could just find it amongst all the junk up here in this creepy attic.

    I thought I looked everywhere until I picked up a heavy trunk and moved it to the center of the floor. When I opened it I was greeted by a cloud of dust. Yep, an old attic is a great place for an asthmatic to spend her afternoon. I was shuffling through the papers and folders and realizing it was old financial records gave up. Until I heard a creaking noise.


    It sounded like a door in a haunted house. I looked over to where I removed the trunk from and saw a small door cracked open. Yes! I peeked inside and it was a little crawl space that led to darkness. I grabbed a flashlight and without hesitation made my way through. It led to a tiny room which was probably a part of the attic that was closed off and unused forever, no one noticing it was even here. The ceiling was low and vaulted so I had to duck. With the flashlight I saw that all that was there was a little wooden box. When I opened it I gasped sucking in the warm air and coughing.

    The stories and legends that my grandfather told me…they’re true!

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