Writing Prompt from Cheyenne

You’re in a meadow of nothing but flowers, but there is something peculiar about those flowers. What is that peculiar thing?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. The gong went off and I immediately sprang off my pedestal. The cornucopia was in the middle of a giant meadow of flowers but there was no time to focus on that now. I snuck up onto the side of the metal structure and looked around the side. Bad idea. A spear whizzed past my face. I’m not hidden now so I might as well just go in there. I slipped inside and grabbed what I could, s sword, a knife and a pack. Then I was gone before anyone could chase me. At least not anyone in there. I had to be fast to get to that little, enchanting forest.

    Tius spotted me and his eyes said everything. Split up. Run. Hide. We’ll meet up later. He quickly had to return his attention to his pursuer who was going at him with an ax. He can’t throw it, I thought.

    When I got into the forest I found a squat, hollowed out tree. It was nice and wide with plenty of room but I needed to hid the opening. I took my knife with me, just in case, and went back out. While wandering around, not very far, I found some soft, spongy moss. Perfect. I recalled the camouflage training I had just gotten and began to cover up my pretty noticeable hole. I needed more so I went the opposite direction I did before to look for more and I came across a patch of wild flowers. They were a lovely lavender color with tall white ones mixed in. I plucked one and began to put it up to my nose when someone shouted behind me.

    “Carissa, don’t–”

    Tius was cut off by a cannon and a short distance away I saw a female body drop to the ground. Don’t smell the flowers is what he was trying to tell me. We moved away from the area to my hiding place and watched as the hovercraft plucked the body off the ground.

    The 118th annual Hunger Games have begun…and they don’t care if you are the offspring of the famous star crossed lovers from district 12.

  2. Vivia kneeled down, grabbing bunches of flowers under her nose. The intoxicating scent filled her lungs, smelling like vanilla and outdoors.
    She laid down, her calm face to the sky. Sure, she was lost, but if there was one place to be lost, it was this meadow. The rainbow-colored plains stretched for miles. She figured her aunt would come looking for her soon enough, but that hardly mattered. Vivia was finally alone.
    Alone from the constant annoying chatter of her younger cousins, and the teasing of her older ones. Ever since her parents had died (which was still a mystery in itself), she had been in the care of her aunt Gloria and uncle Carl.
    They didn’t act wrongly towards her, but they weren’t the nicest guardians either, always acting as if Vivia was such a burden, though she never bothered them once, and bared her suffering silently.
    But, Vivia thought to herself, I’m not worrying about them right now. Why should I spoil the best day ever.
    She let her eyes fall, slipping into a light sleep. However, the breeze that blew over did not provide comfort.
    “Vivia,” a whisper called.
    “Please help us,” another pleaded.
    Wiping the pleasant sleep from her eyes, Vivia turned all ways, looking for the voices’ sources. “Hello? Who’s out here?”
    “Vivia, we need you. Please come.”
    “Who are you?” Vivia stood, now anxious. She had to be alone, but who was making these noises.
    “Vivia, look down.”
    She followed the voice’s instructions, then saw it. Rather, her. A woman’s face peered up into hers.
    Vivia jumped.
    “Please, Vivia, help me. Help me out.”

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