Writing Prompt from Natalie

“It only happened because…”

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. “It only happened because…” she paused hesitating to tell me what was going on.

    “‘Because’ what?” I shouted.

    Irina flinched and spoke so softly I could barely hear. “I’m not Irina.”

    “You’re not my sister? No don’t say that. I’m so sorry about the way things have been between us don’t do this to yourself, to me. It’s not our fault we had no control over this. Come here.” She violently shook her head no, tears streaming down her face.

    “Nickolas, I’m not Irina; I’m not a person; I’m not human. I was sent here from the Enemy Planet. I’m a fusion.”

    I took a step back in shock. A fusion? Where’s Irina? The Enemy? Irina, the girl or whoever she is left me in silence. If she is from the enemy then all of this work, all we went through to find my parents was false hope. She was sent her to lead me on and purposely get me captured but now I’m here. She rescued me. Why? So many questions and no answers. I’m going to get them right here, right now.

    I went into my bedroom and got some duct tape and the pillow case from my pillow. I snuck over to Irina’s bedroom door and looked through the small crack. The fusion chick was sitting on the bed, her back towards me. I opened the door a little more, just enough for me to slip through, and snuck up behind her. When I lifted the pillow case over her head she made a move before I could. Her fist connected with my temple and I was a gonner, lying on the floor half-consious.

    “I’m a fusion dummy, not one of you deaf humans.” She hoisted me into the desk chair and taped my arms and legs to it. “I saved your butt, the least you could do is treat me like a lady.”

    My cloudy vision cleared and before stood a tall, lean beauty with long dark hair and bright green eyes. She did not look happy.

    “What’s your name?” I asked stupidly.

    “Fusion F64193 or Celeste.”

    “Okay, Celeste, could you tell what’s going on? Where’s my sister?”

    “She was taken with your parents and I was planted as a replacement to get rid of you.”

    “Then why am I still here?”

    “Because I don’t believe in what the Enemy is trying to accomplish.”

    “Which is?”

    “Human genocide. Eliminate you all and take over the Milky Way Galaxy. After observing human documents and legends it was discovered that after you were born you were chosen to save your people. I may be a fusion but my kind was taken against their will too and the only way to survive was to work as super agents against Earth. If you can save your race..maybe we both can save mine also.”

    I stared into her eyes and all I saw was sincerity and sadness. She meant it. Or did she? Those eyes could be fake for all I know; she’s not even human. How can I trust her? But if I go with her, follow her lead to the Enemy, I can grab my family and go.

    “Okay, I’ll do it.”

  2. It only happened because Wilson didn’t tie the boat. Now, we were stranded on his “relaxing” island with the tide about to come in.
    “I’m sorry, Bria, I really am. Honestly, I thought I had tied a good knot in that thing.”
    Yeah, right, I thought to myself. My father just couldn’t seem to do anything right. I guess that wasn’t his fault. He’d only reappeared a few weeks earlier. Seems like he hadn’t been doing anything right until he came back to me and Mom.
    But here, under the gradually darkening clouds, I wished I was back home. This was not my idea of a father-daughter bonding trip.
    I trudged up the beach, the soft sand sliding around my ankles as I tried to get to higher ground. Wilson said the tide could reach five feet above normal, and I wasn’t getting swept out into those crazy currents.
    “Bria, look. I’ll make it up to you. We can swim back when the low tide comes in. Not more than a third of a mile. We–”
    I shook my head. “Wilson, I just want you to act like my father. You aren’t going to win me back by taking me on excursions to Timbuktu or throwing me a “It’s great to see you” party.”
    He sighed, sitting beside me, but not as close as he used to sit. It bothered me.
    “Okay, okay. What do you want me to do?”
    “I don’t know. Just be my dad, okay? I missed that.”
    He went silent, his shoulders slumping. I guess he had missed being my dad, too. But it wasn’t my fault that he left. It was his.
    He started to say something, but then turned back towards the ocean, contemplating his next move. I huffed to myself. This father-daughter thing was going to take a lot longer than he thought.

  3. “It only happens because you don’t pay attention,” he hissed. I glanced at the side of his face, watching the lights flicker to create shadows across one side of his face.
    It was such a good metaphor for his ‘good side’ and his ‘evil side’.
    Well, I couldn’t actually see his face, but if I did, it would have one side light and one dark.
    I shook my head sadly, rubbing my temples.
    “Alistair, this can’t change. Things happen. You are stuck in here. You didn’t see the signs. If you had just…watched your step,” the male said.
    “Watching my…step?” I cried incredulously. “The sinkhole opened up at my feet. How was I supposed to ‘watch my step’ if my step was the center of the sinkhole.”
    “You could have avoided running towards our dearest Wyn,” he replied, tossing another point out.
    “Wyn was carrying a machete. A bloody machete. How suspicious is that? Someone could have been killed,” I declared, slamming my palm against the table.
    I winced slightly as pain flew up my arm. I cradled my right arm to my chest, looking warily at the Maker.
    “Sir, just let me go,” I hissed.
    “Why would I do that? You’re an important part. You are a puppet now, not some lame excuse for a puppeteer,” the Maker replied casually.
    I rolled my eyes, scowling. I shook my head slightly. Biting down on my lower lip, a drop of blood appeared. I hissed softly, licking the blood away. The sharp pang of metal ran in my mouth, but I ignored it. I had gotten quite used to the taste of blood lately.
    I glanced down at my bloody and shredded clothes. Fighting the only guards to the Maker’s lair had torn my clothes to tattered rags. They barely clung to my skin, only covering enough of my body.
    “You should change. I have prepared a suit for you,” the Maker said as if he had read my thoughts. I wouldn’t be so surprised if he had read my thoughts. The man was a true genius.
    “No way. I rather wear jeans and a t-shirt. Give me that. I’m not donning suit. I don’t want to look like you,” I said harshly.
    “Is that so?” the Maker said.
    He looked at me, but I didn’t see his expression past the plastic mask that covered his face.
    “Dear Alice,” he began.
    “My name is not Alice. It’s Alistair,” I growled.
    I hated many things, but being called Alice topped the list.
    “Alice,” the Maker continued, “there is no way out of Wonderland.”
    “There has to be!” I cried. “The puppeteers leave.”
    “They…are a special case,” the Maker replied calmly.
    “How am I supposed to believe this? You or one of your minions told me that puppeteers can’t become puppets, but I’m a puppet now. I was a puppeteer. I just don’t get your little…game!” I replied angrily.
    I balled my hands into fists, growling from the back of my throat. The Maker sighed loudly. “You, my dear son, are a mess of a human. I am…surprised. I thought Alice would be more ladylike,” the Maker said with a hint of disappointment in his voice. I threw my head back, laughing loudly. “Ladylike? I’m a guy! I’m no ‘lady’,” I replied. The Maker would frown if I knew what he thinking.
    “You sure are special, Alice,” the Maker murmured.
    I kept my mouth shut, thinking to myself.
    “I do hope we meet again,” the Maker said softly.
    “Hold on, old man. I’m not leaving without information,” I cried.
    “The answer was always under your nose,” the Maker replied tiredly.
    What did he mean by that?
    (OH YEAH. Bring on the Alistair! Bring on the insanity! BRING IT ON! –whoops loudly, throwing arms into the air- Dark Alice in Wonderland. I just love this idea! So! I brought in the Maker. I still don’t know the plot of this story since I have only like…a thousand or so words. So yeah! POTATOES~)

  4. tamarlilienthal

    It only happened because of the baby. That gross, stupid baby. I swear, it wouldn’t have happened otherwise! My scheme would have worked out as planned, and no one would have ever found out about it. But of course, the baby had to cry.

    It all started when Mark showed up that night. He told us that his wife, who was a physician, had been called to an emergency at the hospital, and he was left with his little daughter, Porsha. Only three months old, Porsha was swaddled in a blanket and sleeping comfortably in her father’s arms.

    “She has to go!” I demanded.

    “Dude, you’ve got to understand!” Mark replied pleadingly. “The girl is three months old! You can’t expect her to drive home or something!”

    “Well she can’t be here.” I said. “She’ll ruin everything.”

    The other men in the group stood up for Mark and said that it wasn’t his fault, and that the baby wouldn’t affect our plan. “She’s sleeping”, they all told me. “She won’t wake up.”

    Gosh, how wrong they were!

    Without another choice, I agreed to allow the baby to stay. All of us men took out our ski masks, pulled them over our faces, and got ready to march in. I used some tools to disable the security system on the door of the bank and smiled. We were about to become rich.
    Quickly and quietly, we all entered in our usual order- me, Sean, Derek, Bob, and finally Mark, with Porsha in his arms. Mark closed the door behind him, and our plan went into action.

    Bob and I headed towards the east staircase, which lead down to the jewelry safes. Derek and Sean used the west staircase, which lead down to the cash safes. And Mark remained upstairs with Porsha, keeping the lookout. Twenty minutes was all we had. After that, we had to regroup upstairs to decide if we should stay longer.

    Bob and I managed to break into a few safes, and we started stuffing our bags with jewelry. There were pearls, rubies, emeralds… you name it! And they were all ours.

    When our time was up, Bob and I went back upstairs. There stood Mark, holding a whimpering baby.

    “Dude, you’re going to blow us off!” I whispered. “Get her to shut up!”

    “Can’t you see I’m trying?” he snapped. “My wife always calms her down! I don’t know what I’m doing!”

    Porsha’s mild whines soon turned into full out screams.

    “Come on, man!” Derek said. “She can’t keep screaming like this, or the neighbors will hear us!”

    Almost as if on cue, a policeman pulled open the door of the bank and pointed a gun.
    “You’re under arrest.”

  5. “It only happened because I couldn’t find my football.” Ben stated, looking up at the man sitting across from him.
    After a moment’s pause, the burly man replied, “And how could a lost football result in your containment by the Government’s orders?”
    Ben shrugged. “Losing my football is only the beginning of my story; believe me. If you were in my place then, I’m more than one hundred percent sure you’d be in my place now.”
    “I’m not so sure about that kid.” He raised his eyebrows skeptically, folding his hands on the off-white table they rested on.
    Ben sighed, and after a brief pause, spoke again. “So I guess I’m required to tell you everything? I mean, I don’t exactly think I’d be brought outside that cell I’ve been living in for the past couple months for some insignificant reason.”
    The man nodded once. “If you value your life, then yes, I’d suggest you tell us everything.”
    “Us? Do you mean I’m being watched right now?” Ben asked innocently, though right when he’d arrived in the room, he sensed three video cameras, one audio recorder, and five people on the other side of the concrete wall, listening to everything that was being said. He could tell that two of the five were guards, heavily armed and well trained. One was a scientist, likely there to study his abilities, and the other two were government officials. All five were in the team that had brought him here in the first place.
    “That information is confidential, Mr. Ryder. All we need is your story. After that, we’ll decide how to deal with you.”
    “There are five people on the other side of that concrete wall. Two guards, two government officials, one scientist. Three males, two females. John, secrets don’t exist around me.” Ben sat back in the hard chair, crossing his arms over his chest.
    John, his interrogator, looked perplexed. “How did you find out my name, kid?”
    “Oh,” Ben smiled, “your ear-piece. The volume’s up a bit too high, is all.”
    “What about the people on the other side of the wall, how did you figure that out?”
    “I just know.” He looked down and uncrossed his arms, letting them fall to his sides.
    “Let’s hear your story then. We’ll see if we can help you.”
    Ben knew they couldn’t help him. They wouldn’t try either. The only thing they’d do after hearing his story is give him to some group of scientists to dissect. That’s if they could cut through his skin. Oh joy.
    It says write for ten minutes, so there, then minutes xD Ben is a sly super human, if you hadn’t figured that out.

  6. It only happened because I let my guard down
    I smiled shyly when he called me pretty
    I wanted to goggle when he sat by me at lunch
    There was something in his blue-eyed gaze that I couldn’t get enough of
    I was sixteen when we met
    Nineteen when we got married
    And now that it’s our 60th anniversary
    I don’t regret a thing

  7. It’s a random bit of Harry Potter fanfiction, but it’s all I could think of in 10 minutes.
    “It only happened because of that stupid bludger hitting Malfoy,” she said to herself as she sat in detention, scrubbing away at a cauldron under the ever watchful eyes of one Severus Snape. He wandered the classroom, checking the cauldrons she had already scrubbed clean. She had been working for two hours already and had another two left, unless she managed to clean all the cauldrons, to Snape’s liking, before then, which she highly doubted.

    Professor Snape approached the cauldron she was working on and stared down at her, before clearing his throat, causing her to look up.

    “Yes, Professor?” she asked not daring to make full eye contact with the greasy-haired man. He looked at her for a few moments, before speaking:

    “Miss Harper, how do you explain your actions on the Quidditch Pitch?” he questioned, causing the girl, Charlotte Harper, to raise an eyebrow.

    “I was simply acting accordingly to the situation at hand. I hit the bludger that was sent towards Potter, and it coming in contact with Malfoy was not my intention. I simply redirected it, not bothering with aiming.”

    “If this is the truth, how do you explain your reason for being here?”

    “Malfoy came after me once the game was over, we tussled for a few and I left him with a bloody nose. I did bodily harm, he did not.” Snape seemed satisfied by this answer and turned away, leaving her to continue cleaning.

  8. “It only happened because the guy can fly!” a jittery policeman defended. I nodded my head coolly in response.
    “He can fly?” I said, trying to keep surprise out of my voice. I had to keep calm. I was part of the interrogation division of the FBI. It was my job to get info out of a victim or eyewitness and that meant keeping my cool…and my head.
    “Duh! Lady, he could never have gotten past me otherwise!” he said. I looked up and down his body, investigating his muscular body. He was completely correct that the suspect could not have gotten past him…unless the policeman had let him past. I narrowed my eyes in suspicion.
    “There is no need to get all worked up. I-we are just trying to solve this case. Its our job to protect the world from evil.”
    “We?” the policeman raised his eyebrows. I noticed that he flexed his muscles and then relaxed them, repeatedly.
    “We…the FBI,” I flashed my badge. Something snapped in the mind of the eyewitness whom I was questioning. The policeman came towards me with quite a bit of force. He hit me like a freight train and I remembered no more.

  9. It only happened because I fell in love.
    I’d never felt love like this before. It wasn’t even like the love I felt for him.

    I’d fallen in love with this place as soon as I’d laid eyes on it as a child. Smoky, blue mountains rising toward the sky, as far as the eye could see. I knew instantly I’d never want to leave. This prediction proved true.

    “Why not?!” He asked me.

    “Because,” I said with a sigh. I’d been dreading this conversation, and I couldn’t put it off any longer. “I cannot, and will not, leave. If I had wanted to, I would have long ago.”

    “But what about me?” He demanded. “Doesn’t what I want matter at all? Don’t you care?”

    “Of course,” I said gently. “And that’s why you should go. But I can’t make myself live in the city. I love the mountains too much.”

    “But what about us?” He demanded coldly. “If I stay here I’ll die without having done anything worth while. I’ll end up having done nothing with my life.”

    “Me? I’m not worth it? I’m not worth anything in your life? Living and growing together into old age, raising a family? That’s not worth it?”

    He looked down for a moment, folding and unfolding his hands. Finally, he looked up at me, and I knew.

    I sat in silence for several moments. This was the biggest and hardest decision I’d make in my entire life. Finally, with tears in my eyes, I removed the engagement ring around my finger, and placed it in front of him. He picked it up, looking shocked.

    “I hope you find something worth while,” I said, chocking back tears.

    It said a lot that he didn’t come after me, didn’t say “We’ll try to work this out” or even just “I’m sorry”. I found out the following week he’d left for New York without a word to anyone. The only man who ever loved me, left just like that.
    I still live where I’ve since I was little girl. In the place where smoky blue mountains reach up toward the sky, and wild eagles soar.
    And all because, I fell in love.

  10. It only happened because I let my guard down. This whole thing, all this disaster and calamity….I’m the one to blame. I looked around the damp, cold holding cell and wrapped my arms around my legs feeling small and helpless.

    Only a sliver of moonlight shone through a narrow and barely noticeable crack in the bricks. My mind flashed back to the horror on my sister’s face as she tried to reach out for me. Her cries that pierced the air still rung in my ears. Tears started streaming down my face.

    “Ugh!” I grunted and slammed my fist against the wall. My chest heaved in and out and I found it extremely difficult to breath. My tears grew stronger and my cries louder. I just had to take my time, didn’t I?

    I knew that when my father was sending me to the shower first he had nothing but vial things planned for my baby sister and yet I went anyways. My nails dung into the sharp rocks of the small cellar. I knew it the whole time and I wasn’t quick enough.

    I saw the hate in his eyes, the look of humanity replaced by a red fire that burned for revenge. The way his nostrils flared as he gripped the steering wheel as if to choke the life out of it….and for what? Just because she was crying for mother. How could you blame her?!?!

    My stomach tightened in a knot and my tears disobeyed my command to cease and instead flowed like turbulent waters in an uncontrolled river of despair, fear, and regret. My mind wondered about her, about how she was, if she was ok….a times if I strained to listen I could hear his harsh tongue lashing away at her spirit with every intolerant breath.

    “Be strong Claudia,” I whispered into the dark, confined space, a sense of determination now washing over me, “I’m coming for you.”

  11. It only happened because I lost meaning. It only happened because I could no longer feel anything. It only happened because I was a fool. I looked at the screen waiting for an idea to appear while I poured the remaining drops of my dirty coffee onto my dry tongue. My life was a useless hole with no void to feel. What was there to live for after all? Always being mocked at a young age and being called a shallow freak. I despised this life I lived, or at least tried to. Even at 4:00 in the morning I could still hear the happiness of my brothers. The only one who was asleep was my youngest brother at the ripe of 18, who had a great life ahead of him unlike everyone else I knew. It was in that particular moment where all my coffee ran out I heard a ring appear from the noise. I turned and stared at the phone wondering why someone would be calling at this hour. Three rings later and I felt guilty of not answering. It was probably someone complaining about the noise.
    “Hello,” I said in a weak voice. “you’re speaking to Darwin Root.”
    “I’m sure you recognize me Darwin,” and indeed I did. It was my trusty colleague Charles. I was still curious about why he was calling at this hour but good gracious I couldn’t be happier to have company.
    “Charles!” I said. “How have you been?”
    “Swell Darwin, from all the noise coming from your apartment though, I’m guessing you’re feeling a bit annoyed.”
    “Oh yes, especially since I’m trying to come up with something better than all my other inventions-“
    “How about we go out for a bit to take the stress away?”
    “I’m not sure you know Charles but its four o’clock in the morning! Who knows what could be out there.”
    “Well do you want to come or not?”
    I felt a knot in my stomach grow bigger as I said a reluctant “yes.” The call cut off and I sat there in wonderment of what just happened. And on that night when I met with him on Loraine Street my life changed forever. We rode off to enjoy our lives by ourselves and I left everything behind of my old self. No longer was I laughed at for my inventions. Instead they proved useful for a very “interesting” group of folks.
    But I lost my family.
    I lost my other great colleagues.
    I lost my dignity.
    And now I was going to lose my soul because of my self-pity. Why was I so foolish?

    I had to rush at the end 😛

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