Meg Cabot

Have you ever hear of a writer named Meg Cabot? She’s a well known American writer who’s most famous for her series “The Princess Diaries” which was ultimately turned into a major movie. She also has written and published over 50 books. She has received many awards for her whole slew of books, including many #1 New York Times best sellers. She has more than 15 million copies of her books of all ages worldwide.

Meg Cabot graduated from Indiana University with the plans of becoming and illustrator. She also wanted to be a veterinarian. However, she soon quit that job and left the idea of a vet. After lots of travels and adventures along the way, she wrote one of her first novels called Every Boy’s Got One. She has numerous books for children, teens, and adults as well. Meg has also teamed with the Make-A-Wish charity for critically ill children. She also went off to help many more charities for different causes.

After becoming a well known writer in almost all fields of writing, she wrote a small essay on why she became a YA writer. You can find this essay at the Harper Collins site here:


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  1. Great job on your essay here Natalie! 🙂

  2. Wow. she sounds totally…awesome. I have read some of her books. I remember that. Though… I just remember her as Allie Finkle author. And, man, that was a long time ago. (Makes you feel old thinking about the books you used you read, doesn’t it? -laughs-)

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