Haven’t You Heard? by Taylor

Haven’t you heard about the girl on the street?
She was making money to get something to eat!
I guess you didn’t know because you don’t really talk
But can’t you tell by the way she walks

You know something’s wrong, you just don’t want to say,
But you know she has you feeling some type of way.
The way she looks just gives you a chill,
But you didn’t know she was paying her own bills.

Her mother is sick, she scared half to death
But all you can say is, “She has some hot breath”!
You’re so judgmental, you feel guilty inside
She only fell asleep last night because she cried

One day you should ask, “Hey! Want to be my friend?”
Maybe you’ll put her sorrows to an end!
Don’t be the bully. Don’t make fun of that girl!
Do something nice! Don’t make her day, MAKE HER WORLD!

Don’t be that person who won’t say a word.
Be the person you know you are, because you HAVE heard.


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  1. wow! You are a really good writer Taylor!! 🙂

  2. Love this, Taylor. 🙂 Awesome message, and the line “Don’t make her day, make her world!” is perfect, Great writing!

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