Someday by Amber

I listen to the rain tap softly on the window as I lay in the cold, sterile room. I turn my head to try to get some rest, but I hear the sound of quiet feet walking down the hall and the squeaking of the door handle. I look over to the corner of the room; my favorite nurse is standing there with a pitying look on her face. She walks over to the end of my bed, “How are you doing Denver?” I give a weak smile, “Well Teresa, I was going to try and get some sleep.” She shakes her head slowly, and I watch her red ladybug earring dance. “I’m sorry about that Denver, but I came to get some more blood drawn for testing.” I stick out my arm and clench my fist; I’m well acquainted with the procedure by now. I watch her take out the needle and the vials. I smile at her and ask, “Only three vials this time?” She pulls out the blue rubber band, ties it around my arm and nods her head. She slowly sticks the needle into my vein and draws the blood.

Teresa is only five years older than I am, she’s twenty-one, and she’s more of a friend than just another of the hospital staff. She comes in a lot just to visit me and see how I’m doing. We get to talk about her life and about how she’s trying to find a house. She wants one close enough to the hospital so she doesn’t have to drive so far. She fills up the last vial and tells me to get some sleep. I laugh and tell her goodnight as I roll over towards the window to watch the rain. I try to focus on going to sleep, but my brain refuses to power down, it keeps wandering. I don’t think it’s good for a person to stay in one place for so long. They allow me to go outside of my room, even out into the gardens to get some fresh air, but I still can’t leave the hospital. I’m not well enough. People send cards, but they don’t know what it’s like unless they’ve been here. Oh, how wonderful it must be to go out into the outside world, even for a little while. I’m not worried though, I know I’ll beat this and get out someday.


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  1. This reminds me of a book I read about a year ago. Great story, Amber!

  2. You are a good writer 🙂

  3. @Amber Wow. This is great! I feel like I’ve heard this before, though. Did you submit it for reading at one of the club meetings? (Ooh. That rhymes…) Hm…

  4. Thanks guys! And Aviline, yes, I read it at the last club meeting 🙂

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