Today’s prompt:
Form: Free Verse
Topic: Use these words in your poem: detour, lists, memoirist, routine, suffer.

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  1. The Ghostwriter

    It was her life
    The memoirist dedicated it all
    To writing the stories of others
    Every year she had a new one,
    from her neighbor down the street
    to a stranger on the other side of the world
    It was comforting, calming, to immerse herself
    In the interesting and complex lives of those she knew
    Experiences and feelings and thoughts felt
    Lists upon lists of the books she had written

    But one day she did not write
    Her pen did not move from its place on her desk
    Blank sheets of paper fluttered from the open window’s breeze
    For once, she had taken a detour from her daily routine
    Closing her eyes, she pondered her career choice
    Maybe it was because she loved writing,
    or because she loved helping others,
    It was because she had believed her own life had no meaning

    She opened her eyes, breathing hard
    All this time, writing about the lives of others
    Not seeing how beautiful her own life was, and could be
    She did not have to suffer from a boring life
    The ghostwriter understood now
    Life didn’t just happen,
    She had to make it happen
    Embrace what had already happened
    A burst of air blew the papers through the window
    One door closed, but a new one opened


  2. The sky was her only a detour
    Her heart soared through it freely
    Gazing down on the grassy plain below she swooped low as was her routine
    She climbed the sky again
    And adjusted her wings
    The air swooshed past her
    She could smell the breeze
    Trees below seemed to wave and she counted them like lists
    Every one marked the place she couldn’t miss
    If she did her heart would truly suffer
    She climbed through the clouds and narrowed her wings
    And descened apon her home
    Like a return of a queen
    Her song filled the air and her heart beat fluttered
    The peak of the mountain greeted her with bliss
    And she captured it all in ger eyes like a memorist

  3. Life.
    Sometimes our days seem like they’ll never change,
    Life is shoving all these lists at us,
    Memorize this!
    Learn that!
    Sometimes our days seem like they’ll never change

    What? You want to detour from the routine?
    No, I will not allow it!
    Memorize this!
    Learn that!
    Sometimes our days seem like they’ll never change

    Maybe our life isn’t such of a routine,
    Think of the people, places, memories…
    Memorize this! Learn that!
    We have many unique experiences, we could be memoirists
    Sometimes we find our days do change

  4. It was all set for the month of September,
    Lists and lists of errands to run,
    Tours to schedule,
    Things to do.
    It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime.

    It was all ruined on that chilled Monday morning,
    We were hit with a detour,
    A change in our routine,
    A mishap,
    An uh-oh.
    It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime.

    But it wasn’t.
    It was ruined,
    William fell on the ice and fractured his leg.

    Oh how it hurt me to see him suffer!
    Not only from the fracture, but from
    The pain,
    The agony,
    The melancholy,
    Of being unable to go on our trip.

    But I stayed with him,
    Never left his side.
    And we chatted,
    We laughed,
    We bonded,
    And created a beautiful relationship.
    If I were a memoirist,
    This event would take up a book,
    With the moral of making sad events into
    Growing experiences.

    It was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime,
    But it became the bond of forever.
    Our trip may have been canceled,
    But our love was never diminished.

  5. The Doctor
    The man who saves us all
    why does he save us?
    Is it because he is kind, or is it because he wants us to save him?
    Poor old Doctor,

    he’s been through so much.
    He has many faces, but the pain is still there,
    He saves us because nobody saved him.
    Look into his eyes and you’ll see an old, old Doctor
    Poor old Doctor,
    Lay your head down and I’ll sing you a song.
    Your song is ending, but the story never stops.
    Doctor, you are fantastic. I don’t want you to go but you still say, Geronimo

  6. April Fools Day
    By Hannah O.

    We all know when April Fools Day is
    It comes every April 1st
    We detour from our normal routine and start making lists
    Which prank for whom- what prank for him and her
    Can you, on April 1st, be both a prankster and a memoirist? I say yes
    Just make sure that the practical joke is sweet or funny or you may suffer!

    April Fools is a time for fun
    You can be silly, sweet, funny, or … none
    You can use creativity and combine both your writer-self and the mischievous side of you
    Have fun!

  7. I didn’t want to see you again
    Didn’t want to feel you appease
    My suffering
    A gentle silence
    Routine, artificial happiness.

    Farther down road, dropping the lists,
    Several notes from the memoirist.
    I’m not sure what’s coming for me
    Not sure about all the things that I’ll see
    After the mockingbird halts her sing.

    Detached, motionless, I pray.
    Sitting quietly at the bay
    Detour, everything led astray.
    A mouse caught in the trap
    Of winding wire, snatched away forevermore.

    I used to believe
    That someday you’d come for me
    Dreadfully waiting, somberly singing
    Your name, and knowing its
    Familiar taste on my tongue.

    I miss the sun rising
    Burning the darkness away.
    I clutched ahold of the pain
    The ice brings; it numbs
    The monster trying to eat me alive.

    I missed the small things.
    Little touches on my wrists in the morning.
    Your side of the bed still holds the warmth
    You used to carry.
    Now you’re drifting down the stream,
    Merrily, merrily, my life was all a dream.

  8. Thanks Alexis! 🙂

  9. What I did was right
    And it feels right
    But it also feels wrong.

    You might think I’m fine
    I am the one who ended it
    But I’m not, I suffer
    Suffer from the pain of what was.

    A routine of thoughts in my head:,
    “it’s better this way,” “you did the right thing,”
    “I miss you,” “I wish it were simple,”
    “I want to go back, “but the friendship was toxic,”
    Around, around, a constant battle.

    I wish I can take a detour
    A cheat away from this pain
    Making lists in my head to remind myself
    That what I did was for the best.

    In the eyes of a memoirist it is seen
    That this has cost me a great deal of pain
    One I have to endure for now
    Until time passes long enough to heal.

  10. —–Daydreamer—–

    I love to daydream

    Take a little break from my daily routine

    Keep them to myself

    Maybe out of spite but


    Let’s take a little detour from

    The lists

    The plans

    The schedules

    The calandars

    The teachers and tests that want you to be some



    Memoirist of some dead person’s life

    Everyday I suffer

    Living a life I don’t want

    Let’s take a little break and daydream

    Choose my own life for once

    No one has to know

    We can keep it from them

    Out of spite
    OMG I’m such a depressed downer. People this is what happens when you draw from your own feelings and life experiences for inspiration, people think you need to see a therapist.

  11. I’ve never believed it was true,
    to be honest, I haven’t a clue.
    It came up on me so fast,
    who would have thought it was my whole past.

    Royalty is in my name,
    but it never brought me any fame.
    Why do I have to carry this burden?
    This is all so sudden.

    My mother has told me only recently,
    she expects me to follow obediently.
    How could I after it’s been so long?
    I guess this is were I belong.

    I’m the Princess of a long forgotten land,
    and it’s not even this grand.
    Although it’s not what I want to be,
    it will always truly be me.

  12. Great job Natalie! 🙂

  13. What are your favorite kinds of things to write, Alexis? 🙂

    • “Daily moment” things—anything that could be occurring in someone else’s life. So, I like short stories, free verse poetry, and novels. Except, I haven’t written a novel yet, LOL.

  14. That’s cool. I know what you mean–my stories are usually like in between short stories and novels but kind of shorter ones, like not nearly as long as an actual novel. I like writing “daily moment” things too! I like all sorts of things– like short stories/novels, poems, and I really enjoy things like essays too!! 🙂 I love how I can use creativity with English to incorporate it into something like History assignments 🙂 What English class are you taking right now? I finished English 2 early this year (I go through FLVS classes REALLY fast) I really enjoy English classes and I can’t wait to start English III 🙂 How long have you been with FLVS? What grade are you in? I have been with FLVS for 5 years and I’m in 10th grade. I really love Florida Virtual School 🙂

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