Today’s prompt:
Form: Rhyme Scheme: ABAB
Topic: Write about a meteor shower.

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  1. Meteor Bright

    So here I stand in this tower
    My hands are cold, my nose numb
    While awaiting the midnight hour
    But still I wait as per the rule of thumb
    Every year this time, a meteor shower

    Finally, fifteen I have become
    Old enough to view the universe’s power
    It’s thrilling, exciting, to know what may come
    My brother is beside me, his mood so sour
    But nothing will stop me from seeing this meteor shower


  2. (Oh my. I wrote something school appropriate! For once! Two poems in fact! Here they are:)
    A Finding

    the toy on the ground
    that had once been lost long ago
    has finally been found

    the gems hidden in the safe
    left to sparkle for no one
    have been sparkling for someone

    the words once spoken in hushed tones
    that no one has heard in a while
    will finally be heard by you

    a single word forms on your lips
    when you find these treasures long lost

    Ode to Epona

    The beautiful goddess astride a valiant steed
    Flies across the fields of dew
    With no care and no needs
    The low branches in the forest hanging askew
    Scratching at her beautiful, long legs
    She flies through the sky
    With no cares at all
    Her wild spirit begs
    To run free since no other chance will come by
    Sadly, though, the fun begins and ends at the stall

    (The latter poem isn’t my best… I’m no good with things outside of free verse really. An ode was…strecthing my poetic limits. -laughs- Anyways…who doesn’t love the word serendipity? How about euphoria? How about melancholy?)

    • I first saw “serendipity” as a fairy name on Pixie Hollow (Disney site that has since closed–RIP), and I loved it. 😀

  3. We sit on the damp ground,
    staring up at the inky black abyss.
    We don’t dare make a sound,
    Scared of what we’d miss.
    You watch as the first streak of light
    passes through the sky
    Such an amazing sight,
    so far away, so high.
    The dancing light is hypnotizing,
    in the backdrop of the night.
    The colors of fire are mesmerizing,
    shining from the meteorite.

    TA DAAAAH!! It’s so short xP

    • Beautiful poem Graycie! 🙂 Isn’t it cool that we both chose the word “abyss”? I find it interesting when people are given a topic, don’t talk to each other about it, but choose the same words. 😉 Anyway, I like your poem!

      • Thanks Amber! It is strange how that happens :b I really like the word abyss, for some reason. o-o It just sounds so science fiction-ish

    • Hey, the best things come in small packages, Graycie! Awesome poem, and I’m not afraid to say it’s WAY better than mine. 😀

  4. It was a nice and peaceful evening,
    At almost 8:00 in the hour,
    Until my father came out screaming,
    “There will be a meteor shower!”

    I questioned with a “So?”
    And he said, “Are you a stranger?”
    “Rebecca, don’t you know,
    That these showers are a danger?”

    We all ran back inside,
    With faces full of worry.
    In the closet we did hide,
    Took precautions in a hurry.

    Ever since, we’re stuck in here,
    No one knows when this will end.
    We have cookies and some beer,
    But to leave we apprehend!

  5. Fiery snow, full of light
    Streaks of color, rocky rage
    From our abyss to your night
    Rarity minus age

    Some years we sent out friends
    Other times we went alone
    We don’t know when our cycle will end
    Only where our shiny tails last shone

    Through the universe we flash
    Nothing follows, none can chase
    Round and round goes our mad dash
    Until we find a resting place

    “Meteors,” dub the wise and old
    The young squawk, “Shooting star!”
    Fast, furious, cold and bold
    There’s no telling what we are

  6. Looking up at the night sky,
    The beautiful abyss
    Seeing the stars up so high,
    This is not to be missed

    I heard there was a meteor shower
    That was coming in tonight,
    Those flaming rocks so full of power
    Plummeting with all their might

    I look up in expectation,
    Waiting for the time
    My heart is jumping from anticipation,
    My body’s turned to slime

    Then suddenly I see it,
    Tiny beams flashing through the night
    Falling slowly bit by bit,
    The beautiful show was so bright

  7. —–Life—–

    Life is a meteor shower
    Hit by unexpected blows
    New troubles and stresses every hour
    The dreaded bruise that always shows

    Bad news comes down with a boom
    Time unforgivingly leaves you to suffer
    You go to procrasonate in your room
    Hopefully a good book will work as a buffer

    It also has a unique beauty
    Stop when you get the chance
    Time has done it’s duty
    And has let you see the colorful dance

  8. It was coming on fast,
    faster than I could imagine.
    I heard it like a blast.
    I knew we had to take action.

    I ran to the shed,
    but the door was locked.
    I whimpered with dread,
    oh how the sounds stalked.

    My last effort was to find a ditch,
    I found one an hid inside.
    The soil on my knees made me itch.
    I was grateful for the protection this ditch could provide.

    I glanced up at the sky,
    watching fiery rocks fall from the heavens.
    I sat there wondering how long they could fly.
    This was all going to be over in a matter of seconds.

  9. Meteor Shower
    By Hannah Oliver
    One day at half past noon
    My mom said we would have to prepare
    Because there would be a “meteor shower” very soon
    She said to get ready, beware

    I asked her, “meteor shower,” what do you mean?
    Do I need to take a “meet Eeyore shower?”
    You see, I didn’t understand, because a meteor shower… that I had never seen
    Or do a “me tea oar shower?” That made no more sense than taking a shower with flour

    “No,” my Mom said; “a meteor shower!”

  10. ‘’Meteor shower!!!’’ My mother screamed really loud
    I was only seven and had not heard such a sound
    ‘’meteor shower? What do you mean?’’
    ‘’big stones of fire falling from sky’’ my sister said listening
    My mother’s face was a panic
    My sister looked scared
    I started to cry
    As the booms of meteors fell from the sky.

    I’m not good at poems so don’t judge me  enjoy!

  11. This was actually kinda tough, but I did my best ^.^

    Star light, star bright
    The first star I see tonight
    up above at great height
    sparkling like diamonds, a great sight.

    In moments I wait
    Staring up in awe
    At the beauty they create
    so simple, without a flaw.

    As I lye awake
    My back to the grass
    On the shore by the lake
    The stars above, alas!

    Streaking across the sky
    with magnificent grace
    A long tail and colors tie
    Disappear in moments without a trace

    I’m captivated by the scene
    The meteor shower in the night
    something impossible to portray on screen
    these meteors falling, taking flight.

    Finally free
    falling from space
    Filling watchers with glee
    Darting away like runners in a race.

    I wish I can stay and watch them forever
    The balls of fire streaking from space
    But my eyelids are heavy, drooping over
    I slip into a dream, but keep the memory safe.

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