Today’s prompt:
Form: Sonnet
Topic: Start with: “Let me take a selfie.”

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  1. The Last Selfie

    Let me take a selfie
    I want to remember
    Our good times together
    Might be somewhat blurry
    But it’s the thought that counts
    Forever my best friend
    Through the thick and the thin
    You always know just what
    I’m thinking and just the
    Complete right thing to say
    Let me take a selfie
    So we can remember
    The awesome memories
    Of best friends forever


  2. i hate you

    i hate you
    every little thing you do annoys me
    every time you enter my room only my happiness leaves

    why do you torture me so
    you know i hate it
    when you hold me close

    i hate it when i can hear your heart beat
    it reminds me that you too are alive
    when i want your heartbeat to be silenced

    even with my hate
    you struggle through my caustic words
    you try to comfort me when the storm strikes

    i don’t get it at all
    i push you away with all my might
    but like elastic you just come back to me

    am i weak to say i don’t mind your presence
    am i not allowed to enjoy your company
    thinking of you make me sick yet slightly happy

    i hate you
    you know i do
    yet you still hold me tight
    (Heh heh. I wrote an Apart poem! -pumps fist in the air- And…no one gets that. Oh wells! Apart=Apollo x Art. It’s a le ship name!)

  3. Let me take a selfie,
    I’ll fluff up my hair,
    to make it look healthy.
    This lighting is unfair.

    Make sure my smile is pretty,
    and my shirt is positioned just right.
    This selfie will look great in this city,
    although the lights are quite bright.

    (LOL This is all I could think of.)

  4. That one selfie

    Let me take us selfie
    It will be a sunny day
    I will be away
    I’ll be out on the sea
    And have my friends along with me
    The clouds will not be gray
    I’ll be out on a cruise
    I’ll wear a dress of red
    With a bow on my head
    With beautiful shoes
    The dress made of lace
    The sky shades of blue
    And a smile on my face

  5. Let me take a selfie!
    I don’t want to forget this.
    Let me take a selfie!
    A moment of pure bliss,
    Will be lost in the dark abyss.
    I need to capture this instant,
    It’s a time not to dismiss.
    Many scenes, all reminiscent.
    This picture, brilliant!
    My memory is failing,
    But still somewhat resilient.
    I need a picture, my memory is ailing…

    It’s not just another picture, it a moment of my life.
    It shows my happiness as well as my strife.


    I followed the a b a b b c b c c d c d e e format for the sonnet. Wasn’t sure which rhyme scheme to choose! 😉

  6. —–My Voice—–
    Let me take a selfie
    Capture the joy on my face
    Such happiness can’t be healthy
    Music jumps at a hyper pace

    Solitude can be so refreshing
    Get away from all the chaos
    The beats and I are meshing
    Soon enough I’m lost

    They like to call it isolation
    I consider it finding myself
    This sound I made the best creation
    Release from all their “help”

    That girl in the picture they don’t recognize
    Because the joy they see isn’t theirs but mine
    I tried really hard on this one. Can anyone tell where the volta is? I’m not sure if it’s too subtle.

  7. I could hardly think of much, but here it is. 🙂

    By Hannah O.

    Let me take a selfie. You say what? Huh?
    Well, I haven’t done one… huh?

    In fact, I’ve never really done one yet
    Oh. I might have done it, so not ‘not yet’

    If a selfie is a picture of me
    I’ve done them, so yes, and yes- of me

  8. Let me take a selfie
    and capture this moment
    while the memory is healthy
    and we are not broke
    so we can look back
    when times have changed
    and with a smack
    remember we’re estranged
    It’s sad to think
    That that time will come
    all it takes is a blink
    and the future appears, a feeling of numb
    But we have this time now
    to take a picture together
    and forget how
    things will change, even if for the better

  9. This follows the pattern of an Italian (or Petrarchan) Sonnet. Hope you like it! It’s funny that I wrote this, since I don’t actually have a phone!

    Let me take a selfie.
    Don’t take away my phone,
    Or I’ll become a drone!
    And that wouldn’t be healthy.
    My phone’s what makes me wealthy,
    With it I’m not alone.
    We’re like a dog and bone.
    Watch out- I might be stealthy:
    If you take it away.
    I’ll sneak around and steal it,
    And then I won’t be gray.
    I don’t care one bit,
    If my laptop goes astray.
    But with me my phone must sit!

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