Today’s prompt:
Form: Rhyming: Free Choice
Topic: From Alexis: Start your poem with the following line: “She laughed, an evil spark in her eye.”

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  1. LOL, didn’t know this was going to be a poem prompt. 😀 I’ll just make up my own little thing.

    A Movie Poem

    Just keep swimming,
    Not one ant sleeps until we get every scrap of food on this island

    Good afternoon, are you in any need of assistance today, sir
    Where’s my supersuit

    Who’s Velocistar237
    Irrelevant, Captain

    Reach for the sky
    I can’t go back to jail

    This organic fuel is great, why haven’t I heard about it before
    No, no, no, don’t just hork it down

    You’re outta your box
    I want my freedom

    Just a random quote or two
    Or does it mean something to you?


    Bonus points to the one who guesses the most quote origins. 😉

    • Okay, wow… 😉 I love it! And,
      1. Finding Nemo
      2. Bugs Life or Ants
      3. IDK
      4. Incredibles
      5. Toy Story – third one
      6. IDK
      7. Toy Story – first one
      8. Monsters University
      9. Cars
      10. Rattatouille
      11. Toy Story – second one
      12. IDK

      Lol I haven’t seen those movies in forever XD Funny how things stick with you.

      • You did pretty good for not seeing them in a while, LOL.

        2. A Bug’s Life (Hopper)
        3. Up (Russell)
        6. Wall-E (Auto)
        12. Brave (Merida)

        Gotta love Pixar, ha ha!

  2. She laughed, an evil spark in her eye;
    I could tell she had something on her mind.
    Good or bad, I couldn’t determine.
    What was she thinking?

    It could be a prank, or an evil plan,
    possibly both?
    This girl is cray-cray for sure,
    but that’s what makes her my friend.

  3. —–Late Night Film—–
    She laughed, an evil spark in her eye
    I knew in that instant she was the bad guy
    Too bad the protagonist didn’t know
    That a knife this lady was about to throw

    I cover my eyes and hear the scream
    I am startled and squeeze my poor cup of ice-cream
    How can anyone watch such a horrifying thing?
    I will lie in my bed all night, senses tingling
    I hate scary movies and this is why. My parents always tell me about how in the 80’s their parents didn’t know better and let them watch stuff like Freddy Krueger and Friday the 13th I’m soooo glad I live in this generation where the movies on TV are censored.

    • Those movies still come on TV, Téa, LOL! Don’t watch Halloween, especially the one with the clown girl. She cray-cray!

      • You don’t have to tell me twice. And why are you watching Halloween?! One movie I am interested in though is Psycho. My dad says it’s more of a suspense than horror since it doesn’t show anything.

      • One time thing with a parent, LOL! I never watch those kinds of movies…:D
        I’ve seen a little of Psycho, but my favorite Hitchcock things are The Birds and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. 🙂

  4. She laughed, an evil spark in her eye.
    The truth is gone, every word is a lie
    No hunt of realism, it’s a game
    an evil spark, it’s a shame.

    She hides behind her charm
    Bringing no such alarm
    But with her smile
    she’ll pull you into a darkness as deep as the nile.

    The drama that unfolds
    the lies that are told
    your friends will turn against you
    oh, if only you had knew

    It’s a game she plays
    Making allies, enemies at bay.
    And she laughs to ease you
    Before she captures and hurts you

  5. She laughs, an evil spark in her eye.
    “Come on loser! Get up and fight!” She yells.
    I try to crawl away, there’s no way I could win,
    At 6’1” she is a whole foot taller than me,
    And so much stronger than I could ever be.

    A ring has formed around us by now,
    I have no way to escape this…
    I stand up and face her, already feeling the bruise –
    The bruise on my arm from her last punch.
    I don’t want to hurt her, maybe I could stall until lunch.

    We circle around each other, her fists are ready to hit,
    My fists are ready to block her punches.
    She gets closer and strikes my head, I fall.
    I see the ceiling and a teacher running over,
    All these people, why did no one help me?

  6. I am going to write mine with “mischievous” instead of “evil.” Also, it makes it fit perfectly when I have mischievous 😉

  7. My Mischievous Eyes

    She laughed, a mischievous spark in her eye
    Wait… who are we talking about? We are talking about me… “I”

    My sister thinks I a lot of times have a mischievous look in my eye ever since I was little
    And I’ve got a picture of me at 2 to prove it
    Greenish blue with little mischief coming out of my eyes
    Just a little? Oh… maybe… sometimes… quite a bit…

    Yes, I indeed do sometimes do have a mischievous look in my eye


    I don’t usually have mischievous eyes, but sometimes I do 🙂

  8. She laughed, an evil spark in her eye,
    “Now you’re stuck with me!
    Being evil brought her glee.

    “Please let me go!” I screamed,
    “Don’t hold me here with you!”
    “Now you’re my captive”, she said.
    “There’s nothing you can do.”

    “Come on,” I pleaded. “What’s the point?”
    “Why take a weak girl like me?
    Go capture some strong guy,
    He’ll be better, can’t you see?”

    The wicked witch would not agree,
    So she locked me in a cell.
    I lost hope of any freedom,
    When I’d leave, I could not tell.

    But alas, a young lad appeared!
    In shining armor he was dressed.
    “Don’t worry, I’ll save you!” he said.
    “Witch, stop being a pest!”

    He took out his shiny sword,
    And stabbed the witch to death.
    Together, we rode off that night,
    On his white horse named Beth.

    I know the ending is random, but I couldn’t think of anything else that rhymed with death!

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