Today’s prompt:
Form: Free Choice
Topic: From Cheyenne: Think about your favorite book character. Write about how you would react if you saw them shopping in Wal-Mart.

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  1. Hanging at Wal-Mart

    Went to Wal-Mart one day
    Had no idea why
    But I thought I’d go ahead
    And trade in my DSi

    I was walking down the aisle
    Just minding my own business
    When I happened to spot him
    Henry Alden, oh my goodness

    I squealed to myself
    Then patted my hair
    Someone stopped and frowned at me
    But I didn’t care

    Why was Henry here
    I thought he lived in Greenfield
    Scratch that, how was Henry here
    He wasn’t even real

    I walked up to him
    My smiles pushing against my lips
    I said, hi, I’m like your biggest fan
    And he said, Get a grip

    Stunned, I watched him leave me
    Standing in the aisle
    Oh, well, I said to myself
    Guess I can put this in my “didn’t happen” files


    The Boxcar Children was my favorite series for years, after Ramona and The Little House on the Prairie. Loved Henry because he always knew what to do, and was a great older brother. Ah, memories.

  2. (Not following the prompt)

    I don’t follow the lies,
    I see past the mask,
    I see the true world.
    My life is more than black and white.

    If more felt the freedom,
    maybe the Earth would be better.
    I can see all in color,
    and determine if one is pure or not.

    I will never go back,
    because I am free.
    Who would give this up,
    for anything but what I have?

  3. —–Phoebe—–
    I stand here frozen watching the girl pass by
    Wondering how she can have a smile so wide
    It’s just the three of them
    Her mom, her dad but no him
    He may have died several years ago
    But being a complete stranger I feel like I know
    He never liked the three stooges as a kid
    They were clueless and eye poking was stupid
    He always rode his bike to school
    A girl called Zoe was the only one he’d talk to
    He once got his head stuck in a bike rack
    Fortunately his head didn’t crack
    But one day a passing truck hit his head
    And he now lies asleep in a six-deep bed
    I stand here frozen watching the girl pass by
    Wondering how she can have a smile so wide
    This is about Phoebe Harte from Mick Harte Was Here by Barbara Park. If you haven’t read it you should. It’s a short but life changing story that will have you laughing so hard you cry.

  4. Running in to buy hair dye
    I stop and cannot believe my eyes
    Adrian Ivashkov is standing there
    so much to my surprise!

    What is he doing here?
    He shouldn’t be standing there!
    In plain sight wat Walmart
    But he does have fantastic hair.

    Not the point!
    My limbs disjoint
    I’m freaking out
    Mom shakes her head in disappoint.

    I want to say hi
    As he walks by
    But I am mute
    and start to cry

    He is so beautiful
    He voice so musical
    It’s a shame I couldn’t speak
    My awkwardness, so usual.

    Adrian Ivashkov from Vampire Academy anyone?? Haha this was a fun one to write. To be honest, I wouldn’t mine walking into Walmart and seeing him there. . . . .. .. 🙂

  5. I’m at Walmart messing around with my friends,
    When I see Christy across the isle – Christy Miller? It can’t be!
    She is shopping with her surfer husband Todd, it’s a dream come true!
    I feel like I know her entire life – age fourteen through marriage…

    I sheepishly walk over, “Hey Christy, hey Todd.” I smile.
    They give each other a look – confused.
    I refrain myself from slapping my forehead,
    I’m not supposed to know their names –
    They don’t know I’ve read Christy’s diary entrees!

    “I – um, heard from an employee here that they heard from their cousin, Who’s sister said that her Aunt had…” I run off a bunch of people names, That way they can’t follow. “Anyway, my name’s Amber,
    I just wanted to say you guys make a great couple by the way!”
    They smile, look at each other lovingly, and tell me thank you.
    I tell them bye, side-hug Christy, and walk away swiftly.

    In my head I was freaking out – I hugged Christy Miller!
    I probably freaked her out really bad too,
    How could I forget I wasn’t supposed to know their names?


    This is the Christy Miller series by Melody Carlson 🙂

  6. Favorite Book Character
    By Hannah O.

    What would you do if you saw your favorite book-character in Walmart?
    Well first I would probably give them a hug
    That is, after introducing myself
    Then I would tell them that they are my favorite book-character
    But the thing is, what would I do next?
    How would I recognize them?
    And chances are, this won’t even happen.


    My mind went blank with this prompt but I wrote what I could think of 🙂

  7. I wrote this poem about Abby Hayes, my “idol” when I was younger. I used to be obsessed with her series, because she loved to write like me!

    I spot her by her wild red curls,
    There’s no way you can’t see,
    It’s Abby Hayes right over there!
    Oh gosh, how can it be?

    What’s she doing at this Wal-Mart?
    What’s she doing in my town?
    Should I ask her for a photo,
    Or will I look like a clown?

    I decide that I will go to her,
    I say, “Hi, I’m a huge fan!”
    She flashes a smile and says,
    “Wow, how honored I am!”

    She’s really nice and snaps a pic,
    Gives me an autograph, too.
    She even lets me see her journal,
    What I’ve always wanted to do!

    I thank her for her kindness,
    And I go off on my way.
    Behind me, I hear her saying,
    “Have a wonderful day!”

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