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Form: Sonnet
Topic: From Natalie: A strange cloudy scene covers the sky, you look up and…

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  1. Beyond Infinity

    One day I looked up into the blue sky
    And behold, what a strange and scary sight
    In the air, a time portal wavered high
    I could go see my future, I just might
    Saying goodbye to family and friends
    Slipped through the portal, a little anxious
    What in the world would my near future hold
    Would it truly be just as good as gold
    I zipped into history, every second
    My future was nearly here, wasn’t it?
    Then all of a sudden, I stopped, nowhere
    It was simply an empty, large abyss
    Ah, now I get it, I said to myself
    I haven’t written my bright future yet


  2. Emerging from the clouds,
    came a huge craft.
    It had larger wings than a bird,
    yet it was just as graceful.

    Its white body with blue outline,
    made the huge thing look slick in the sky.
    I waved, because there were things inside.
    There were humans inside.

    How can humans fly?
    It’s simple,really,
    but on the other hand,
    it is not.

    Oh how I want to fly,
    higher and higher into the clouds.
    I want to touch the highest reaches,
    of the atmosphere above us.

    It would be amazing,
    flying in the large belly of this huge aircraft.
    Yes, an aircraft, a jet,
    a dream made reality: Flight.

  3. I meant to say that wasn’t following the prompt xD

  4. —–Bucket List—–
    I look up to the sky
    It’s a gloomy gray
    I hop in the car and sigh
    I wish I could stay

    Clouds billow like smoke
    Looking like the devil puffed a cigar
    But on this clean air I don’t choke
    My clothes the ashes won’t char

    Watching out my window the trees sway
    The sadness I have isn’t from this pitiful weather
    I just wish I had the right clothes to play
    On my bucket list these wishes sit together

    First I’ll buy a swimsuit from the street called Main
    Then forget myself and go dancing in the rain.

  5. I wrote an Italian (or Petrarchan) sonnet.

    The clouds are dark in the sky,
    The wind is blowing strong,
    Whistling a spooky song,
    As the trees are waving goodbye.
    And frankly, I don’t know why
    The clouds won’t move along,
    Something is very wrong.
    A tornado is passing by!
    It twists and turns around,
    Like a spiral or a spring.
    It rises over the ground,
    Much terror it does bring.
    It makes a whooshing sound,
    Oh sing, tornado, sing!

  6. Clouds
    By Hannah O.

    When I look up into the clouds
    I see different fluffy things
    I see my wonderful friends smiling
    I see the Florida Virtual School slogan also there
    I see my awesome family up there too
    I see dogs of all shapes and sizes
    Being their delightful selves
    I see books of all interesting topics
    I see crafts of different sorts
    I see different really cool things
    I see bright, sunny flowers
    I see many more delightful things
    Then I see Jesus dying on the cross to pay for my sins
    Most of all, when I see that, I feel so thankful that Christ shed His blood for me

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