Today’s prompt:
Form: Haiku
Topic: Write about something blooming at the wrong time of year.

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  1. Winter Tulip

    A few weeks early
    The tulip blooms so proudly
    Red shining brightly


  2. I see a rose bloom
    But it’s not the right season
    Snow drops cling to it

  3. —–Summer Fling—–
    This sweet love blossoms
    Hot summer nights welcome us
    Unforgiving time

  4. The fruits bloom early
    they are frozen by winter
    waiting for the spring

  5. The pink flower bloomed
    It was the coldest night yet
    A true sign of will

  6. How peculiar
    Squash is growing in July
    Nature’s miracle

  7. It’s flower blooming
    Not in May but August
    a confused plant

  8. Fun
    By Hannah O.

    Fun can bloom at all
    Times of the year! Yep! That’s Right
    You can enjoy things!

  9. I was about to say “Whoah! Everybody did Haikus!” then I saw that the prompt told us to. I’m such a ditz. -_-

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