Today’s prompt:
Form: Rhyming: ABCB
Topic: Write about completely missing the point.

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  1. Bored Haiku

    Whenever I am bored
    I like to write fun haikus
    Sort of like this one


  2. Bored Haiku #2

    Just like Alexis
    Here is my bored Haiku
    What else do I say

  3. I didn’t follow the prompt for this one, because it was the same as a different day.

    Chase Your Dreams

    To infinity- and beyond!
    Let’s go reach the stars.
    Come with me, my friend,
    We can make it to Mars!

    We can chase our dreams,
    We’ll do what we want to do.
    Nothing can stop us now,
    We’ll keep pushing through and through.

    There’s the sun, right here,
    And Mercury’s coming soon.
    And after we make it to Mars,
    We can go to the moon!

    Our dreams can take us anywhere,
    Remember not to give up hope.
    So trek that mountain, jump that hurdle,
    Swim that sea, and climb that rope!

  4. —–Grimm—–
    I try to let you in but you don’t hear me
    I slowly reveal my pain but you’re blind to see
    Every time I speak it comes out wrong
    Either that or you’ve been missing the point all along

    It’s gotten to a point to where I’ve given up
    All that I don’t say seems to be enough
    I’m a little Marionette, just a puppet
    But it’s me who controls her on this enormous set

    I move the skinny legs to please the crowd
    I speak in a little voice so she isn’t too loud
    I slip in little messages and references like Grimm
    So that maybe one day my chances won’t be slim

    They’d hear me out without interrupting
    Their opinions and biases wouldn’t be corrupting
    But that is only in a perfect world
    The attempts I make daily never fail to dissapoint a girl.
    We’ve had this prompt before but I made sure it was different than the other one I wrote.

  5. Points
    By Hannah O.

    There are all sorts of different points

    In corners, needles, pens, pencils, and lots of others
    “You’re Missing The Point!”
    As I was saying, in other things too… wait… You’ve got another?
    “No, you are completely missing the point!”
    “You are missing the point of what I was saying when I told you that you were missing the point just like you are now.”


    I am using the same prompt, but with no rhyming. 🙂 Just a funny, fun poem I just thought up.

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