Today’s prompt:
Form: Free Choice
Topic: From Natalie: You look in a mirror, but instead of seeing yourself, you see…

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  1. This World

    This world is rah-rah
    Cheering for all the wrong things
    We’re gonna have to change


    The first line is from a Royal Tailor song. 🙂

  2. I see reflections
    yet none of them are my own
    which one is me

  3. I also didn’t follow the prompt for this one, since it was the same as a different day.


    The furniture is out,
    The walls completely bare,
    Boxes filling every inch,
    I have nothing else to wear.

    It’s all packaged, put away.
    We’re moving, don’t you see?
    We’re leaving all my memories,
    We’re abandoning my glee.

    But mom tells me it’ll be great,
    That I’ll like the new place.
    She says that I’ll enjoy it,
    That I’ll make my own new space.

    I’m not so sure that I agree,
    I just don’t want to leave.
    But there’s nothing left to do,
    Tons of boxes I must heave.

    My parents are at the door,
    The truck is coming near.
    As I exit, I say goodbye
    And shed a salty tear.

  4. Inside the looking glass
    unrecognizable glance
    Myself is to be unseen

  5. —–The Tarp—–
    I’m seeing a tarp
    Covering up a huge mess
    Tie up the ends tight
    Aaah! Catching up on the last day!

  6. Oh! I see me!
    By Hannah O.

    I look in the mirror and I see…
    A bee
    That needs to flee
    A cup of tea
    A flea
    A pea
    Someone who likes to ski
    A tree
    Someone going on a shopping spree
    An interviewee
    Oh! I also see me!

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