Today’s prompt:
Form: Free Choice
Topic: Use these words: coast, jungle, beach, garden, rock.

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  1. Jungle Coast

    I live on a jungle’s coast
    Not much to it
    Except it doesn’t always exist

    I walk on the beach everyday
    And then
    It’s gone every night

    My natural garden shines in the sun
    But when the moon rises
    Its time is done

    Even the rock foundation of the island
    Crumbles away
    To none

    This is my jungle coast
    It is here and then it is gone
    But it is my own


  2. I smell the sea coast
    the beach is right at my feet
    the water is just yards away
    oh how beautiful it shimmers

    My garden is not far from the beach
    it’s full of Brazilian jungle flowers and plants
    I tend to it every day
    to ensure the well-being of it

    The large rock obscures my view
    but all I need to do is step outside
    to see the beautiful beach
    a few yards away.

  3. Family vacations-
    Visiting gardens and national parks,
    Going to the beach off the coast of Peru,
    Trekking through the jungles of the Amazon.

    Family vacations-
    Taking embarrassing photos,
    Wearing matching t-shirts,
    Mom reminding to wear sunscreen.
    Do family vacations rock, or hit rock bottom?

  4. —–Books—–

    I emerge from this crazy jungle

    And walk along the coast

    Scanning the beach for a place to sit

    I lay out comfortably on a rock

    And get lost in the beautiful garden before me
    This was a lazy one but i made it out to be how a good book can be a great escape from the crazy world that tries to consume up.

  5. I wasn’t sure if this was considered poetry….but I gave it a try =)

    Sit in rock.
    Sip drink.
    Watch coast.
    Listen to the jungle.
    Walk the beach.

  6. How to write a Poem
    By Hannah O.

    What does one do when they don’t know how to write a poem?
    Well, if they ask… or even if they don’t… I’ll show ‘em!

    First of all, you figure out what to write about
    It could even be about trout or cookies from a girl scout

    Then you figure out whether to have a pattern or make it a free verse poem
    You can always be safe with a rhyme, too – even if it doesn’t fit in the context like lonesome

    But, if you can’t even figure out what to write about…

    You can always write about how to write a poem


    I didn’t follow the prompt, but here is my poem!

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