Today’s prompt:
Form: Free Choice
Topic: The cellist spreads the map across the table.

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  1. The Escape

    The cellist spread the map
    Under the stage, an escape
    The orchestra was not working out
    Each performance, another kidnapping
    She had to escape before she was the victim

    Her cello leaned against the door, ready for the concert
    It came from her grandfather
    Eighty years old, but its wood still shone
    It started to wobble

    Someone wanted in
    She crumpled the map, kicked it under her bed
    Whoever was here would not be here long
    She would make sure of that

    It was the conductor
    He grinned shyly
    But she was no longer fooled
    His boyish face was a facade

    He asked her how she was
    Was she ready for the show
    She nodded politely, but didn’t smile
    How could she have ever liked him

    She noticed him scanning the room
    Almost acting like a fly was pestering him
    But she knew he had an idea
    He was in on the kidnappings

    She shoved him out the door
    Telling him she would be ready
    But after the concert tonight
    She escape, complete with fright


  2. tamarlilienthal

    The cellist spreads the map across the table,
    Thirty cities in six weeks.
    His first headline tour.
    Nerves enter his body,
    But they’re overcome with excitement.
    He hears a honk in the driveway-
    The tourbus has arrived,
    A chocolatey brown vehicle
    With a photo of him and his cello.
    The cellist makes his way to the door.
    He grabs his cello case, opens it up, and says,
    “You and I; let’s do this together.”

  3. —–Music—–
    The cellist spreads the map across the table
    Just a single glance and he is able
    To execute every step and every turn
    With passion and concentration his face burns

    I hold a little mini in my hand
    Beside the genious I now stand
    I read over the map over and over
    And mimic his movements, Everyday I am closer

    We make music.

  4. I stare at the table
    aware of what was next
    I couldn’t bare the thought
    of not coming back

    I brace for the plans
    our route of attack
    I say my last goodbyes
    before I am put to the test

    (Depressing, Lol)

  5. You why not should language Yoda write in
    By Hannah O.

    You language Yoda makes when write it in confusing things
    Words mixed all the are up
    You why not should language Yoda write in this is


    Why you should not write in Yoda language

    When you write in Yoda language it makes things confusing
    All the words are mixed up
    This is why you should not write in Yoda language


    I did not follow the prompt, but for a lot of the NAPOWRIMO I did.

    Or if I were to say that in Yoda language…

    NAPOWRIMO follow but did I the of a lot for not prompt of the I did.
    That is just confusing 😀

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