Writing Prompt from Cheyenne

You’re sitting on the couch in the living room when all of the sudden…

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments!


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  1. “Get down, Via!”
    I duck under pillows as the wall of our living room collapses. The smoke fills my nose instantly, and I try not to breathe in.
    After everything settles, I hear Via somewhere across the room. “Tiana, are you okay?”
    I come up from my makeshift shelter. This would only be considered a Grade 2 collapse, not as bad as the one at school earlier in the week.
    “I’m okay, Via.” I hug my cousin. The collapses are getting worse. This city wasn’t built to last for so many years. Why can’t the government see that?
    We need to get out of the house. It’s not safe anymore. I grab her hand and we stumble through the rubble outdoors. What we saw could not compare to anything. Ever.
    The whole block was in shambles. Even the governor’s building down the street is gone. Nothing but dust and concrete. But that’s it. There was nobody in the streets.
    “Tiana, how come there isn’t anybody out here? I’m scared.”
    I hold Via close to me. Though I don’t show it, I am scared to death. Papa never said this could happen. The whole town, are they dead?
    We continue down the street, looking for any sign of our neighbors. Via grabs my hand so tight that I can feel her nails imprinting my skin. But, it seemed like we were the only family we had left, so I let her.
    Up the road, the sun starts to peek over the horizon. It shines over the destruction. but it does not give me hope. There isn’t a single sound. No birds, no water rushing, no cars beeping. Everything is gone.
    When we reach the hill, I turn Via away, and don’t let her see. As far as the sun touches, there is nothing. Me and Via are the only survivors. The last two people on Earth.

  2. I was sitting on the couch in my dad’s lap when it happened. I was only four but remember it clear as day. There was a knock on the door, a loud banging and my father got up hopefully thinking it was the police telling us where mom was and if she was okay. “Stay right here.” he said. He was right to do that.

    All I heard was shouting in a different language and some struggling. I got up to see what was going on and took a small peek around the doorway. They had him up against the wall and were shouting in his face, spit flying. The men were very tall and had on suits with glowing lights and metal pads protecting their vitals. I caught my dad’s eye and he started mouthing something to me but I couldn’t quite figure it out. The guy holding him saw what he was doing and turned around discovering me.

    “Run!” My dad shouted. They gave him a good punch to the temple and I watched him slump the the floor before running and leaving him behind.

    I made my way to the back of the house and out the back door with the men in hot pursuit but once I hit the woods there was no way they were gonna catch me because my parents had created a secret shelter in the ground specifically for situations like this. I pressed my palm to the scanner and I was in.

    I sat there with a blanket wrapped around me in the dark and waited for my godparents to arrive which could be a while. But all I could think about was that man and the tattoo he had on his face. An odd shape that covered his entire left cheek. It had nooks and lines in it like a maze. It glew with a blue light like his suit.

    I stare at this man right now, fourteen years later and his eyes are full of determination to get what he came for that night.

    My core.

  3. I’m sitting silently on my red futon. My eyes dart back and forth across the bright TV screen in the blackness of the room. My fingers work vigorously at the silver xbox controler in my pale hands. I watch the intensity grow as I play one of my favorite xbox horror games. I’ve always loved playing these kinds of games at night; it adds to the thrill of the horror. Just as I try to finish an objective on the game, I hear a ‘clink’ sound behind me. It came from the kitchen. I whip my head around sharply, unusually jumpy because of my current activity. There was nothing and no one there. I flick my green eyes over every inanimate object in the room; then assured myself I had only just heard something in my head. Sitting back down in the soft futon, I redirected my attention to the video game. I started to move my character again, but was once again interrupted by a sharp ‘ping’ sound. It was a little louder this time. I for sure knew there was something back there now. I paused the game and turned my whole body around to view the dark kitchen without leaving my seat. Again, I couldn’t see anything unusual. But…I know I heard something. My mind was now swirling with confusion and doubt. I was going to call out into the room for my family could be pranking me as I played a scary game. I refrained from doing so in fear of waking them up. With another swift look around the kitchen, I slowly, but cautiously, sat back in my seat. As soon as my pants met the fabric of the red piece of furniture, there it was again. I rapidly flipped around; staring back into the other room. Still nothing! So what on Earth was this noise? I decided to stop holding back and go in to check myself. I stood up from the living room furniture and made my way over to the other room slowly, cautiously, and quietly. My slippers made soft scuffing sounds as I shuffled over and into the oily black kitchen. I always kept a flashlight in the top cabinet, so I made for that first. I stepped slowly onto the beige kitchen tile, hearing nothing but my irregular breathing. I outstretched my arm to open the top, and closest, kitchen cabinet. My shaking hand met the white handle without a sound, or interruption. Hastily, I pulled my blue flashlight from the even darker cabinet. Clicking it on, I moved deeper into the large kitchen. To my left, I thought I saw a small movement. I shone my flashlight over in that direction quickly and nervously. I didn’t see anything but the chairs at the counter. Attempting to breathe more easily, I scuffled my way through the room with a slower pace. Out of nowhere there was a whisper. A small, feminine-sounding whisper. As if there was something right next to my pale, freckled face. I jumped to the side and flashed my only light over instantly. Nothing. My heart rate had jumped up at least 50 beats by now. I tried to recall what the voice said…it almost sounded like “Don’t run away.” I shivered at the thought. I continued through the kitchen; cursing that we lived in such a large house with an enormous kitchen. Up ahead of me I had sensed a cold draft coming from the lower cabinet. I lowered my white light to try and find the source of the unusual coldness coming from a completely enclosed area. With a shaking hand I reached for the handle. I had only opened it a fraction of an inch when an black wisp-like creature, whispering the same three words, tackled me over to the floor. Blackness swallowed me whole.

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