Writing Prompt from Natalie

You are asked to describe one word for an interview: Love

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Love

    So many ways to describe
    Means so many things

    Love is patient
    Love is kind
    Love is what binds a man and woman together
    Love is what creates a new life

    Love helps
    Love empowers
    Love comforts
    Love is loyal

    Love is the origin of this world
    Love saves
    Love is mercy
    Love is life

    So many ways to describe
    Means so many things

  2. Love.

    What kind of question was this? I was not prepared and this was unlike any pageant interview question I’ve ever heard so it could either make or break me. “When you don’t know what to say speak from your heart.” my mom always told me. I never knew when exactly the right time to do this was but I actually feel right about this opportunity.

    “Well, love is many things. Love is motivation to do things that impact those you care about. Love is a feeling that surrounds everything you do for a person. Love is power that feeds you the strength to press on. Love is like water, you can’t be without it. It’s the center of our universe. From the moment we become a fetus in the womb we feel love towards the person who cares for us. When we care for others we give that same thing back to them. I’m sure I’m leaving things out but love is was sums up everything good in us, in others, in the earth and the expanse we haven’t explored yet.”

    I didn’t realize how quiet the room was until I looked at the crowd and people were crying, smiling and my father blew me a kiss. Then it erupted into applause. The host Jeanine tried to speak but couldn’t be heard over the crowd so she just gave me a thumbs up and they moved on to the next girl.

  3. The Interview on Love
    By Hannah O.

    The interviewer asked me one question. “What is Love? Describe what it means to love someone.”
    Love is showing affection towards someone. Love is being willing to sacrifice things for others and to look out for others interests more than yours. Love is caring very much about a person and being their friend and being there for them. Love is … love.
    Jesus is the example of true, perfect, love. He sacrificed Himself on the cross and died for me. I am so glad that Jesus loves me.

    • Oh, Hannah O.! This is SO beautiful! Jesus is the very best example of love!

      • Hi Megan! By the way, I have a last name.. I just do “Hannah O.” because you are not supposed to do your last name here and there is another Hannah in the club I think, so we don’t get mixed up! 😉 Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it! When I think of love, that is what I think of. I love my friends and family and things, but what Jesus did is the perfect example of ultimate love in that He loves me so much that He would have died even if it were just for me! – so I wanted to put what I thought here in my prompt response because it is love greater than anything else! Your comment is really appreciated!

  4. Alexis and Tea, your descriptions are so true! 🙂 Great job!

  5. How am I supposed to describe love? I thought with a puzzled expression lying on my face. I haven’t even had a boyfriend to really enjoy the true meaning of “love.” My pencil tapped as my interviewer crossed her arms waiting for an answer.
    “So you said this is the only question?” I said. She merely nodded in reply. I smiled back and continued tapping my pencil to figure out what sort of bizarre and strange question this was. There wasn’t much to describe about love anyway, it was merely a stupid feeling. Not anything you could touch, hear, smell, or taste.
    I sighed and looked over at the ticking clock. Each second was passing by slowly as I tried computing this complex question.
    “Love…” I tried forming a sentence but instead I just hesitated. “Love… love… is… adoration for something.” I paused and smiled while the interviewer still held a cross face. “When I think about love I don’t think about loving a person, I think about loving an object. Something that I have cherished in all my life. Love can also mean, to me anyway, a passion. I keep on doing something because I love it. Love is what strives us to do things in life.”
    The interviewer took some notes and nodded. “You did a fine job Rebecca, I’ll call you soon to give you your results.” I smiled and walked away as quick as I could. I’m too glad I was able to pass this interview, or at least I hope. Oh well, as long as I keep doing what I love I’ll get that job.

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