That Scary Day by Taylor

One day while I was walking home, a bush moved all of a sudden. A sudden chill shot through my spine, it wasn’t a windy day. In fact, now that I realize, that was the only bush. No trees, no grass, just a random bush. Could I be hallucinating? Why was there a random bush in the sidewalk? I turned and walked the other. I didn’t mind taking the long way, just so I can get away from that bush.

When I turned around, there was an old woman. She asked for help crossing the road. I asked if she was confused, because there was no road. We were on a sidewalk next to an empty lot. What street did she need to cross?
She grabbed my hand and demanded me to help her. I screamed as her grip was very firm. I grabbed my phone and called the police. They came just as the old lady walked away. I was on the floor, tears down my face, asking why they hadn’t come sooner. I was asked to describe the old woman.
Later, while I was at home, I received a call from the police. They had found the old woman. I was so relieved. The part that confused me was what they said next. It wasn’t a real old woman. It was a serial killer in a mask. The “woman” was found with a knife inside of her dress.

My only question was, was she inside of that bush?


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  1. …and that’s why I will not walk alone at night…good story.

  2. Wow,that last sentence shoot a chill through me–you may have made me scared of bushes and old ladies…gee thanks Taylor. lol. I’m kidding. But that was scary. I hate walking in the dark alone-my brain just loves to think about horror movies right about then…so yeah.
    Good job. 🙂

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