Writing Prompt from Cheyenne

You wake up one morning in your bed the size of ant. Describe what your new perspective is like and what you’ll do next.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. When I woke up, I felt different. More…minuscule. Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good” blasted in my ears, now way too loud for an alarm. More like a heart attack inducer. I opened my eyes, and saw that my room had grown—or I had shrunk. My hands still looked the same size, but not when I grabbed my sheets.
    Feeling like George Shrinks, I scrunched under my comforter to get away from the loud music. No use in trying to stop the stupid noise; I was way too small. What in the world had happened to me?
    I felt along my bed, searching for the edge. The cliff. I looked down about ten feet to my hardwood floor. Dang, the night I forgot to wear my rock-climbing equipment. Knowing there wasn’t any other way, I let go, dropping down.
    Praying that God had plans to let me stay on Earth, I fell on something spiky. What the…?
    I turned around to find myself on something black. With legs. Darron’s spider. That stupid, stinkin’ spider he’d lost last week. It was in my room. Today.
    Doing my best karate yell, I got the heck off that thing and ran to my nightstand, which was about a mile away. I could hear the sounds of hairy feet following me. No way I was going to be a teenage silk cocoon this day.
    Grabbing the first drawer handle, I pulled myself up from the bug-eyed arachnid. I continued to climb. No need to tempt the angels if I accidentally slipped.
    “Rosa, it’s time to get up!”
    Friday. I had a presentation on atoms. Go figure. How was I going to explain this? I’m too small to do my homework?
    This is me, Rosa Winifred James.

    • “Dang, the night I forgot to wear my rock-climbing equipment. ” LOL Alexis, I always love your prompts.

  2. I woke up in a start unable to breathe and then realized why. I was sleeping underneath the covers. I crawled my way back outside the blanket and was blinded by the morning sunshine streaming through my sheer curtains. Once my eyes adjusted I saw that something was terribly wrong. Everything was so big! The window, my dresser, my pillows and the bed seemed to be as big as a football field! Why am I so small? What happened? If this is like that one movie Ant Bully they’re messin’ with the wrong girl.

    What do I do? I have to let somebody know. I have to tell someone. My bedroom door is closed but I think I’ll be able to fit underneath. But how will I survive the fall off the top of my bunk bed?!? I looked over the edge and I swear I felt that exact same empty stomach feeling I felt when we went to the Grand Canyon last year. Heights aren’t my thing. I made my way over to my stuffed bear and sat between his legs resting my head in his armpit. A tear dropped onto my arm and I felt absolutely hopeless…then I got an idea.

    I crawled over to the shelf mounted at my bedside and used everything in me to get my iPhone on the bed. I think it took about twenty minutes and I’m sweating like crazy. Now who would I call? I went down the list of people who would believe me and those who wouldn’t. I definitely can’t call the cops. Then I decided to call Jillian. She probably wouldn’t believe me if I told her what happened but she doesn’t have to know right away.

    “Hello?” Her voice came through muffled on the phone.

    “Hey Jill! I have an emergency; you need to come over here right now Bond style.”

    “Okay, be there in a sec.”

    Not too long later I watched her climb in through my window and take a scan around the room for me. “Are you in the bathroom?”

    “I’m up here.”

    She immediately looked up at me and her jaw dropped.

  3. Ant-Sized
    By Hannah O.

    I stretched and yawned as I woke up from my sweet dreams. Whoa. I… just don’t know… what happened to me! I gasped from shock. I recognized my dog bedspread, but… my bed was enormous! I must be half-asleep still or my imagination has gone wild. I couldn’t even bother to make my bed right now. That would be like lifting a house. I don’t know what this is about, but I hope it goes away… soon. I thought this as I “ran” out of bed. I was on the edge now. Even though for some reason I seem to be really tiny, at least I go pretty fast for someone… the size of an ant! I decided that I could not risk falling off the side. That would hurt too much. I was about to start making my way to the end ofmy bed where I could continue moving, very slowly, but steadily, out of my room. But then, I started thinking. What about clothes? What about my shower? What about.. everything else? Why does something like my hairbrush look like the size of a “normal” guitar or something? I decided I must be dreaming. It was just too unrealistic to be everyday life. Humans are not the size of ants! I collapsed on my pillow. The only thing is, usually my whole body can’t condense into the size of a pillow, but now… I guess it can. I was so tired that I drifted off to sleep again… When I woke up, I wasn’t ant-sized, but person-sized.


    This was the best I could come up with. 🙂

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