Writing Prompt from Rosalind

You character has to pick out a new outfit for summer! What does it look like?

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. Summer. I can finally get out of these denim jeans and into some shorts. After I shave, of course. I’ve become a hairy monster after this long winter.
    Mom gave me $200 to spend on anything I want — as long as it isn’t sheer, revealing, or cheap. So, I loaded my arms up with graphic tees. And I didn’t try on any of them (I love when I get to shop by myself).
    I grabbed about four pairs of shorts in four different colors to branch out from kakhi and denim. Thank God that Bermuda shorts are coming back. Those short ones are terrible.
    And, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Converse! Oh, yeah, I’ve been saving grade money, allowance, you name it. This is the year of the Converse for me. I designed my own pair, bought three more pairs in the store, and my grandmother gave me one pair for my birthday. I’m stacked.
    I think I look cutest in the summer: a graphic tee (probably about summer), sea green shorts (I love the clash with my red shirt), and yellow Converse (I was feeling like a hot dog dressed in condiments—I know, I slay you).
    Ah, summer. Fashion is your soulmate forever more. Do NOT let her get away.

  2. Yes! My first ever summer as a grown up has officially started. My parents gave me a loooong talk last night and I understand that the VW is old and it’s a big responsibility to drive four other people’s children on the highway but there are bigger issues we need to discuss. What am I going to wear?

    Okay first let’s see what the setting is. Lido Key, afternoon in the white-sand beach. Neon all the way. I throw on my favorite orange one-piece with the heart cutout in the back. Now after that we spend the evening roaming St. Armand’s Circle. That calls for stylish and comfortable gladiator sandals that I will still be able to wear at the beach and a baby doll dress as a cover up. Wide brimmed hat and white raybans and I’m ready to go!

    “Aaaaaaaaaah!!!” Someone shrieks in my doorway.

    “Uuh…how long were you standing there Nadia?” I ask kind of creeped out.

    “Ugh, you’re so modest. Only long enough to know that you look adorable! You have to lend me that dress one day.”

    “Okay. The others here yet?” She shook her head and a strand of hair fell out of her baseball cap. I gasp. “Omigod, what did you do to your hair?”

    “Oh, that.” Her voice was shaky and nervous. “I tried something new with it and at first I liked it but I don’t know…”

    I jumped up off my bed and yanked the cap off her head and the long waves spilled over her shoulders. They were a sandy brown as usual but the ends were dyed bleach blonde.

    “Oh. My. God.”

    “I know, I should get it trimmed off but my mom said it already cost enough getting it done so I try to be subtle with it.”

    “No it gorgeous, totally summer, but how much did it cost?”

    “Well that was a rude question!”

    “Sorry, but you really should leave it down and the baseball cap will give it a cool skater girl look.”

    She gave me a sheepish smile and the door burst open.

    “Hey Lila-woah look at dat hair!”

  3. Yes,summer has finally arrived! My mom is letting me pick out what ever I want to this week.
    With a few expectations–as always. No “daisy dukes” (as we say in the south) or low cut shirts. “yes ma’am,.” I say. As if I’d actually walk around in public in daisy dukes and a low cut shirt-no way could I do that…not my style. I walk into my favorite store. I pick out knee long adorable dresses. and then I head to grab a tub worth of tees. I grab all that I like. I try all of them all for good measure-if I show up in something tight I know what will happen and be said “I don’t think so–your SO returning that!” I could hear it now. So I try them on. One by one. Why is it you get a whole lot of stuff but end up with few you like? I ended up buying 5 tees and a few camis. So,next came the pants aisle…shorts,shorts and more shorts. UGH! Non of then are the right size. I found only a few. Mostly capreis and Bermudas. I got then in kakys and in denim but also in white denim,too. I just love white denim-it goes with everything! Then it was time to pick out a swim suit. I knew for a fact I couldn’t get a bikini…but that is more than OK with me…I’d feel really awkward if I did…lets just say.
    Anyway,I went through a whole rack it seemed. But I found THE PERFECT BATHING SUIT!
    It was adorbs,navy blue and red. It was a tankini-which I was aloud to get. Red bottoms with a navy blue stripped top. I even found a super awesome “surf style” swim short and cute purple shorts to go with it. The only time I can wear shorts higher than my mid thigh-I’ll take it thank you very much! I got home and was so tired I plopped down on my bed and went to sleep without doing anything at all-no brushing teeth,hair,change to PJ’s-nothin’!
    I took a long hot bath in the moring and ate a stack of pancakes…while wearing my new clothes. A tee,capris,and flip-flops. I was ready to hit the beach-with style!

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