Writing Prompt from Natalie

A strangely familiar stranger knocks at your door. Write about your character reacting.

Write for 10 minutes. Post your piece to comments.


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  1. “I’ll get it, Mom.” I grumbled to myself, trudging over to the door. Couldn’t I just watch the Super Bowl halftime show in peace?
    Peering through the peephole, I spotted a face. That face. I knew her. I know I did.
    “Who is it?”
    “It’s Laney.”
    My eyes nearly rolled to the floor. Not Laney.
    I opened the door, so slowly that she asked if I had turned into a robot.
    “No, and stop being so sarcastic. I haven’t gotten over that fight yet.”
    “Whatever.” She walked through the foyer, her nasty shoes squeaking on the clean floor.
    “Hey! Shoes off. You know the deal.”
    Laney shrugged. “Forgot. You got a nice place, Jess.”
    “Yeah. It’d be even better if you weren’t in it.”
    She sat in a chair as my mother came down the stairs, dressed in her pajamas.
    “Oh, Laney! How good it is to see you! I didn’t you know you still lived here; Jesse told me you had left for Boston.” Mom squinted at me.
    “She did.” I said quickly before Laney could open that mouth. “Obviously came for a visit.”
    “Well, how nice.” Mom. How could she have forgotten what happened three years ago?
    She went off to her room, leaving me alone with the woman who had wrecked my life.
    “So, Jesse, what’s been going on?”
    “Absolutely nothing you need to know.”
    She laughed. “Don’t be silly. I know everything.”
    “Really?” I wasn’t really asking her; this was her trick to get me to talk.
    “Yep. Saw it all.”
    I stared at her from across the table. Geez, I wanted her gone. What in the world had she come back here for?
    “Look, Jesse. It’s been a long time. Can’t we just sweep it under? Have it like it was?”
    “It has been a long time. And we’ll sweep it under after you apologize.”
    “Me? Look, I made you a hero, Jesse. Without me, you’d still be that sorry mailman working Route 5.”
    “That would be better than what I am now, Laney. Everyone thinks I’m a complete freak. You ruined my life with that stunt. I can’t even walk down the street without someone yelling, “Hey, it’s the spider!”

    *went two minutes over. More like a “If Mary Jane wasn’t Peter’s friend” story, LOL.

  2. I opened the door to a tall man. He had his hood thrown over his head in a lame attempt to protect himself from the rain but he was soaked. He had a grocery bag in his left hand and dark circles shadowed his eyes making it hard for me to see who it was.

    “Can I come in?” His deep voice made me jump but it sounded strangely familiar.

    “Sure.” My mom would have my head for letting a stranger inside. Really, he can have anything in that bag but something in my gut was telling me I should.

    He stepped into the mudroom, which I’m glad we have, and set down his bag, took off his socks and shoes and then his jacket. His dark hair was slicked to his forehead and I realized now that those dark circles were shiners and he had more bruises blooming across his jaw, sprinkled with stubble. He tried to avoid eye contact but I grabbed his fore arm and stared into his eyes. They were a deep blue yet glowing with flecks of gold around the pupil.

    “Walter? What happened to you?”

    “It’s a hard knock life on the run.” he chuckled. It sounded just the same as always. “I need your help.”

    I realized he was shivering and his lips were turning purple. “You need to take off your clothes or you’ll catch a cold. I’ll go get you some fresh ones.”

    He nodded and I made my way to my older brother’s room. As I made my way up the stairs I tried hard not to shout and jump for joy. I thought he was dead…

    But he’s back.

    • Ooh, I like, Téa! You’re getting good. 🙂 His eyes sound DAZZLING…like bowling balls. LOL

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