It’s Time by Cristi

Have you ever realized,
That if you have called someone,
Who is in Spain, and they answered,
Your voice has been in Spain?

Have you ever realized,
That if you sent a letter to someone
Who lives across the country,
Your words have traveled across
A Country?

Have you realized that if you have
Sent an e-mail to someone, those
Thoughts have floated in cyberspace?

Have you ever realized,
That if you have screamed outside,
Your voice has been heard by the sun,
And the trees, and the flowers,
And the whole entire sky?

Have you ever realized,
That you never realized,
That some part of you,
Whether it was your voice,
Or your words,
Or your e-mails,
Have been across, possibly the world, and you hadn’t even noticed? It’s time to look around and start noticing.


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  1. Have you noticed that I like this poem? Have you noticed that you did a great job? 😀

  2. THAT WAS SO COOL!!! I feel so awesome now; thanks Cristi. ❤

  3. It’s time to begin
    Isn’t it
    I get a little bit
    Bigger but then I’ll admit
    I’m just the same as I was
    Now don’t you understand
    That I’m never changin’ who I am
    It’s time to begin…

    I had to do that; I’m sorry. 😀

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