Hope by Savannah

You reach,

But you don’t touch

You seek,

But you don’t find

You search until you grow weary,

But still

Nothing you find

You walk,

But you don’t go anywhere

You try

But it’s not worth it

You feel worthless.





Is it really worth it?

Why live?

Nothing makes sense anymore.

You feel as if there is no hope.

As if you will never reach, and touch,

As if you will never seek, and find,

You want to curl up and die.

There is no hope, you tell yourself.

But there is.

You hear a voice in your mind.

Hope, it says

What hope? You ask yourself.

But you know.

Oh, you know.

Open your eyes, it says.

It’s simple,

But then difficult at the same time,

So you try.

You open your eyes.

And you see.


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  1. Happy New Year everyone! 🙂

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